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Chiang Mai is a city famous in Thailand due to its Night Bazaar, which bears his name - Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, a bazaar that attracts millions of tourists annually, and is also the largest and famous throughout Thailand and other parts of the world.

In recent years the city has experienced a cultural development, making it an attractive and dynamic city where tourism developed excellent. Being the ideal place where your adventurous spirit is fully attempted, through its bridges suspended above the forest, or traditional Thai dancing and delicious food contributes to the reputation that it has Chiang Mai, the second largest and catching city of Thailand.

To get to Chiang Mai bazaar, you have more options: by plane, bus or train. Chiang Mai International Airport is only just about 10 minutes drive from downtown. The main airlines flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai are AirAsia and Nok Air.Thus, the flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is the most convenient, the journey lasts around an hour and a bit.

The train ride takes about 12 or 14 hours, but must be patient because delays are common. The good news is that although the wagons are old, are clean and have comfortable seats. If you want to enjoy the scenery and travel more comfortable, you can choose the bus, which is clean and the journey takes about 12 hours.

The main attraction of the city is Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, a vibrant place, crowded and also lined with colours and unique flavours. The bazaar is spread over several square kilometres, and is located near Tha Phae Gate, right in the vicinity of Old Town. It is open every morning, once the sun goes down, till late. In Chiang Mai you will find among the cheapest souvenirs and things that cost in the other bazaars often even three times more. Most bazaars in Thailand are supplying from here, for which you will pay much less on a product, because basically you take it directly from the source.

For some of us, the bazaar can be downright fascinated. Thousands of items, from chopsticks, lampions, handmade products, home decorations, condiments, silks, jewellery, art objects, sculptures and a whole variety, to local food stalls and stages where takes place spectacles with Thai music and dances. The most popular souvenirs are the green porcelain, Thai silk, antiques reproductions and black decoration items. For others, the bazaar can look more like a bunch of things, people and noise. However, you may visit the bazaar, just to try a Thai massage or simply to feel the pulse of the most famous bazaar where people gather from all over the world, either to buy or to take pictures and enjoy a unique experience.

The bazaar has two different faces. During the day, it is not spectacular, but a shopping thoroughfare, where clearly you'll find all kinds of restaurants, shops, hotels and stalls. The upside is that during the day is not so crowded and you’ll be able to compare it with what will become once the sun goes down. Everything becomes unrecognizable, crowded and somehow comes to life instantly. Visually, it can be likened with a multicoloured ball that rotates continuously.

Tips for an enjoyable visit to Chiang Mai

- Be careful what you buy. Some outfits and accessories are fakes!

- As an extension of the bazaar Chiang Mai is the Kalare Night Bazaar, where you'll find one of the strangest objects.

- Chiang Mai Saturday Night is the ideal option to catch some interesting things at extremely low prices. Also you'll see a lot of stalls filled with culinary treats such as pancakes, sushi, meat, fried noodles, mango sticky rice and other goodies.

- Buy Thai silk and certainly will not regret. It has the unique property that from any angle you look at it will change its colour.

- The elephant is the symbol of Thai culture, which represents wisdom, victory and power. You will find various objects in form of an elephant.

- For a unique and special experience, walk on the streets of Chiang Mai's at sunset, when you’ll see the processions of monks.

- Discovers Thai jungle, walking with an elephant.

- For some great photos and wonderful experience, go to Rim's Tiger Kingdom, where you'll have the opportunity to take pictures and play with the tigers cubs.

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