Mombasa - Kenya

by michael orsan
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We arrived in Nairobi in the evening after a flight of 9:00, and the next morning we went to the Maasai Mara, one of the best known natural reserves, with luck since the first day to see all the animals that we only see at tv. :)) Mombasa we visited about everything you could visit crocodile farm, botanical garden, local market etc. I did not find a place to walk the street freely for whites being undoubtedly attract curiosity and someone had something to offer us or to ask us. However we were warned about certain locations where it is not good to linger or to enter. ound it cheaper to travel by taxi from the hotel to the city and back, but I used local means of transport, some minibuses were always pretty full, this to "feel" a bit of local life. Mombasa is divided into two parts, corresponding to the two largest social categories that divide African rich region where the predominant colonial houses, 5 star restaurants, including my favorite, Tamarind, expensive schools and poor area, with houses cheap materials, some unfinished, with colorful shops with ambulances markets where they sell fruits and vegetables, which have but a special charm...The diversity of languages ​​and culture, is remarkable on several ethnic groups living area that speak 9 languages ​​Bantu, a quarter of the population is unemployed and lives on less than $ 1.25 / day, living in huts grouped in large areas on the outskirts fenced city and without electricity, sewerage, water ...the rest of the days have been elapsed between the spa hotel , breakfast, short walks ....after al we came to relax not just running here and there:))))

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delia ema
09 Jan 2014 16:13
that's pretty awesome!
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