Miss Pacific of French Polynesia - Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is in French Polynesia with the highest point - Mount Otemanu (727 m). In this review I will focus on another part than the one in which I describe the beaches and try to write about its history and the most interesting things about it…I think that's the point right? Due to the coral reef, the blue lagoon, rich flora and fauna, Bora Bora was named Miss Pacific.

Bora Bora is well known that it is called the pearl of the Pacific, no need to mention why… the images are speechless. I'm curious though, if you knew that the island was named Bora Bora, by the famous Captain James Cook, during his third expedition in 1777? Bora Bora is approaching to the word ‘’pora pora’’, which in Tahitian language means'' the first born''….quite interesting, huh?

The first European resident of Bora Bora, James O'Connor, a survivor of the sinking of the British Matilda, arrived on the island in 1792. Another very attractive aspect is that no artist was able to reproduce the island lagoon water colors, this also being the place where the mollusks produce the rare and precious black pearls. The only transportation on the island is a bus, which circulates around the island, every hour. I’m pretty sure u didn’t know that Tupai Atoll, part of Bora Bora, has a population of 50 inhabitants ... the entire staff of the local coconut plantation.

…but what is an atoll?...well it is a type of volcanic oceanic island surrounded by a coral reef in the form of a ring. The area inside the reef is called lagoon and can be united with the ocean or separated from it. Depending on the stage of forming the island's volcanic peak located in the center may be in the water or above it. Atoll is formed as the coral grows around the volcanic island. The reef is a compact structure that separates the island from the ocean, but also leads to reducing it. As a result, the island disappears and part of the coral reef rises above the water, creating a lagoon. Exposed to sun and wind the reef erodes and finally disintegrates.

The coral reefs surrounding Bora Bora is a rich ecosystem that houses millions of small organisms, consists of polyps that are able to transform chemical compounds from the ocean in a limestone structure, which can reach an enormous size. The space inside the reef is full of algae’s that gets different colors. The coral stone coming out of the water pounding sand filling in the atoll is forming a shallow area.

Hotel Bora Bora was built in 1961 and considered one of the best in the world, the hotel became known in the late 1970s and early 1980s for the first bungalow on poles above the blue water of the lagoon. This type of accommodation has become standard in most hotels of the island. Bora Bora has been and will remain a luxury destination with luxury hotels, rooms with glass floors, where you can see the fish in the lagoon while having breakfast ... what can I say more…who can afford such trips, it will a shame not to enjoy what many people do not even think …Bora Bora.

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