Mecca, the sacred land of praying

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Mecca is a city with over a million inhabitants, located in western Saudi Arabia, at a distance of 80 kilometres from the Red Sea. Mecca is the capital of the region Hedschas Province, situated on a plateau. For all hadjii, as they are called pilgrims, the Great Mosque, the huge marble courtyard, bordered by tiered galleries with columns, is the fixed point of the rotating world . The building seems pinned to the ground by a pair of minarets at each of the four corners and in the middle of it, the Kaaba is the centre around which everything gravitates.

Places worth visiting in and around Mecca are the Great Mosque (Al-Haram), cave Hira, Jabal Thaur. The most important place in the mosque is Al Ka'bah, a building that is shaped like a cube, with a height of 15 feet and his gate, whose value was estimated at over three million dollars.

According to tradition, Al-Ka `bah was built by Ibrahim (present in the Bible under the name of Abraham) considered the ancestor of all Arabs. According to legend, Ibrahim Al-Ka `bah raised in a place considered sacred since the beginning of time, so they say here there would be found once a sanctuary built by Adam, the first of the prophets.


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