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Maribor boasts the oldest vineyards in the world (over 400 years) and also a famous wine cellar (one of the largest and oldest classic wine cellars in Europe (dates back to the 19th century, with an area of 20,000 m2), right in the centre of the city. So do not be surprised to get hit by a large barrel in the middle of the road while you’re walking around.

Maribor Vinag Wine Cellar is one of the few wine cellars that spans completely under the city streets, below the square Trg svobode - with over 2,5 kilometers of tunnels housing more than 5 million liters of wine of the highest quality!

Be it a sunny or rainy day, the Vinag Wine Cellar worth visiting, it is a labyrinth of wine, an anchor thrown in the past, an authentic experience to discover Maribor's underworld. Expect to be pretty cool, thus, the wines are maintained at the highest quality, in order to ferment and maturate properly, at temperatures of 10 C and an increased humidity.

During your Vinag Wine Cellar visit, you will see old wooden barrels, cisterns or bottles weathered by time, inscribed with the year they were manufactured. The winery has two parts: an old one, where these traditional barrels having hundreds of years are waiting to be filled with the new harvest, and the new part - equipped with stainless steel barrels (the process of winemaking is more easier), although most prefer to drink the wine from those authentic oak barrels.

Vinag Wine Cellar organizes delicious wine tasting, with the possibility to buy, offering you access to several types of the finest wines from the blessed vineyards of Maribor. The Vintage shop is open daily and there you’ll ask about the winery tours. Prices: guided tour: 3.50 EUR / person; guided tour and wine tasting: 5.00 EUR / person.

Attractions travelers recommend
Walk through the maze of wooden barrels


Buy a bottle of wine from the winery shop

Prices are for all pockets, of course it depends on the type of wine selected.



Choose the package visit + tasting

You will enjoy a great walk around the cellar and tasting some special wines. ( 5 Euros/peson ) ; Great deal!



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