Macau "Asia's Las Vegas"

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Macau, situated only 112km from Hong Kong, is a combination of Eastern and Western culture, Chinese and Portuguese, a place full of history, different from the rest of China, with a contrast of colonial structures and Buddhist temples and also ancient buildings. Macau Colony was founded by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century and is the oldest European colony in Asia. Basically, Macau is a Portuguese city where Chinese are living. Like Hong Kong, Macau has its own autonomy, being a special administrative region of China and the official currency is the Pataca, and the official languages ​​spoken here are Portuguese and Chinese.

From Largo do Senado Square, the soul of the city, you can admire the beautiful Portuguese architecture. One thing to appreciate is that there is a structure in Macau - called Gate of Understanding, 40m high, located in Praia Grande Bay, which symbolizes the goodwill between China and Portugal.

Among the many symbols of Macao, like historical colonial relics, museums, temples, churches and gardens, the Church of St. Paul, rather its ruins, only its façade, which is what's left after was destroyed by fire.

The city itself is divided into three islands linked by bridges: Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island.

In Macau Peninsula you will find the most important attractions like Fortress Mong-Ha and Kun Iam Temple were dedicated to the beloved goddess of compassion in Macao. A walk in the historical center and the Bay of Praia is welcome, with its Grande Maritime Museum, Art Museum, A-Ma temple, churches, theater,  buildings, governor's residence (building painted in bright pink),  Macau Tower, the Statue of Kun lam (located in the sea) and not least the Wine Museum where in the ticket price you get also get a tasting.

In Cotai district you will meet the most luxurious casinos and hotels. The Venetian Casino, the copy of Las Vegas, considered the largest casino in the world, including a Four Seasons hotel, a shopping gallery with 350 shops, 30 restaurants, a fake sky painted on the ceiling and circulating gondolas channels inside the building, a 15,000 seats stadium, a theater, exhibition spaces and conference .. a truly  architectural marvel. Macau casinos are like honey…sticks to you more and more. With American investors and financial potent Chinese people willing to invest money in casinos, the industry has a strong influence.

For stunning landscaped beaches  of the greenish hills, village where there are temples, and a beautiful white church of St. Francis Xavier-Chapel,located in a square surrounded by Portuguese colonial buildings, cafes and terraces, worth visiting the Coloane Island.

Taipa village is a delight and is a colorful place with the Portuguese Catholic churches and Chinese temples and picturesque restaurants are located in old town, with its Pou Tai Un temple - one of the most picturesque temples in Macau.

At chapter gastronomy you can try the cuisine inspired by Brazil, namely -   "feijoada" stew with beans, pork, potatoes, cabbage and spicy sausages. The food in Macau in general is very good, about all tastes and cheap. Try rice cakes of dough which are extremely delicious and their traditional ‘’pasteis de Belem’’, a famous Portuguese style egg tart pastry.

Regarding shopping should know that Macau is a duty free port, so it is a kind of haven for shopping and gambling and also the excellent resorts.

Many tourists who come to Macau from Hong Kong returned back in the same day, though it would nice to spend  at least two days in this fascinating city.

Attractions travelers recommend
Venetian Macau the world largest casino


Macau Fisherman’s Wharf - a stunning 111,500m² park


Wine & Grand Prix Museum

It;s unique in Asia and definitely is a must see attraction.



Camoes Garden - a lovely park to spend your mornings


Best time to visit Macau: Autumm & Spring


Macau Tower

The highest freestanding tower in the world and the 8th tallest in Asia.



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