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Lisbon is a metropolis with two million inhabitants, located on the Atlantic coast at the end of the Tagus estuary, the same river which is called Tago Castile.

For visits, I had Lisboa Viva card as underground and surface transport but must be loaded with either a ticket or round trip times for a whole day. At Oceanarium there is also a card that you have access to: a round-trip gondola, visit the Oceanarium, visit the museum of Science and Knowledge

Places you don’t want to miss:

  1. Cristo Rei statue – the copy of the Rio de Janeiro statue - Reach it by crossing the bridge 2 km long, suspended over the Tejo .
  2. Oceanarium - is the largest in Europe and second in the world after the one in Osaka. Carried out on a five oceanographic basins (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic) exposes a huge space flora and fauna everyone. It's about 15,000 different species of underwater creatures.
  3. Praca do Comercio is the most famous square of the city
  4. Igreja Santa Maria Major shocks the crowd styles: reminiscences Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline all gathered in a stunning building and contradictory
  5. Castle of San Jorge shows century Roman ruins and others during the Moorish occupation
  6. The Discoverers Monument was built in 1960 as a tribute to a great navigator Enrich
  7. Jeronimos Monastery - monastery is a museum part of UNESCO


Very useful TIPS

  • The metro costs 1.25 euro / one way, or 5 euro / all day
  • Columbo Mall - which is near the stadium Bemficai and has direct access to the subway station.
  • Visit Sintra, take the train from Rossio station. Is the subway station on the Green Line, Rossio is called. The ticket cost us 5.06 euro / roundtrip
  • At an average restaurant a menu cost 7-8 euro
  • Appetizers brought to the table, carefully, are not for free, you will pay it if you eat them
  • Take comfortable shoes, streets are full of soft stones….


  • Visit Sintra

Sintra is a palace in itself: a huge park with many palaces, in fact. Here are the National Palace of Sintra, Regaleira Palace, Moorish Castle, Pena National Palace, and still others.

              What to visit in Sintra

  • Pena Palace -  is one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal and has an exceptional panoramic view over the city of Sintra.
  • Sintra National Palace - The palace is huge, is the best preserved of all the royal palaces of Portugal.
  • Regaleira Palace - Palace is so romantic, covers five floors and has a lush park. The facade of the palace is decorated with lots of Gothic turrets.
  • Moorish Castle - Is seen from the city below, perched on top of the mountain.
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Tripelonia Trips
22 Mar 2014 13:06
Consuelo Rivarno, please make the necessary changes to not mislead the readers. Thanks in advance.
Paulo Coelho
01 Feb 2014 00:32
Some information is not accurate. Lisbon has only 650.000 ihnabitants. The river is called Tejo and nobody calls it "Tago Castile"...this name does not even exist. The metro costs 1.40+0.50cts for the card and the daily ticket 6.00€+050cts for the card.
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