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It's a city exactly as I wanted : one in which you have no time to get bored again and that always have something to do and see.
The only regret is that we did not stay longer to get to see more . I was and Cascais and Estoril ocean water is a little chilly but the sand is soft and fluffy .What caught my attention in particular are people there , very calm and polite and sometimes invisible.
For visits , I had Lisboa Viva card as underground and surface transport but must be loaded with either a ticket or round trip times for a whole day. At Oceanarium there is also a card that you have access to : a round-trip gondola , visit the Oceanarium , visit the museum of science and knowledge are not sure how to appoint and train rides in their area . I do not train new fot for the battery is gone .
A useful thing that I learned the very first day and I did not know about on any forum is like any place you go to eat wine waiters and stuff you put on the table before you order something - appetizers format of bread , butter , cheese , ham etc . On the first day we said " I give you guys look cool in the house a lot " ... When the bill came , but , of course they were past all even those who touched us . My advice is to refuse the very beginning , when I come to them, before they taste ...
Shopping enthusiasts have available - even recommend - Columbo Mall which is near the stadium Bemficai and has direct access to the subway station . It's huge and you can find almost all the brands you want . Prices are a bit like us can larger some stuff . We found things we need to cut prices pretty good .
Everything in there , around, you can eat a full meal : half a chicken , potatoes , salad , water / beer, and coffee 6.70 euros at another mall in the center across from Zara . Or a bagel with some good pork perfect ( in a bar in the center, next to the subway exit Rossio ) to 1.70 cents but if you stand at the bar table is more . Coffee has sensational prices , in my opinion. Starting at 0.50 cents , up from 1.30 euros, up from the bar on the elevator. Beer is a little expensive but I do not drink so I'm not interested.
Depending on your tastes , preferences and ... pocket , you can eat and little money and a lot f depends what you want . Baby that you find including supermercaturi is very good. Sardines boast much liked me , but after eating was bad for me as it was not cleaned intestines . Everything we've tried everything I felt . All about food if you find that something terrible taste parsley try to eat without putting you over . It will be much better. Parsley tastes bad, nothing resembles not known but with a derogation or chemically but Lisabona is a beautiful city of contrasts and monumental constructions that any picky you all find something to like .
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