Lavender scent in Provence, France

by Abigail Alonso
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If you go in Provence, in southeast France, you'll see huge fields of lavender. Purple color itself has a beneficial effect both visual, olfactory, and spiritually. Purple exudes tranquility, being the symbol of sobriety, spiritual and mental equilibrium, of peace and harmonious fusion of mind and universe.

In Provence you will find the ideal combination between visual captivating scent of the lavender bushes, along with that inner feeling about it, which indicates that if you're in another world, where the paintings grace is dancing in front of you and with you.

In Provence is found the best olive oil and also the most affordable holiday homes with vineyards and swimming pools. It is a delight to be here on vacation but I wonder what it's like to live here...

The capital of Provence is Marseille, which is absolutely gorgeous, with many parks and gardens such as Parc Borély, Jardin du Pharo and Jardin Pierre Puget, and many museums and art galleries.

Beyond that is a historical city, Marseille offers a lively nightlife, with its eccentric clubs as well as restaurants. Marseille is also the oldest city of France, being founded about 2600 years ago by the Greeks.

Hope very soon to write more about all the cities part from Provence, which are absolutely stunning...

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