Kuwait, young and restless!

by Abigail Alonso
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Kuwait is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, with three ports and a large oil terminal. The smallest of them, the tourist port, stretches several hundred meters on the seafront city. The northeast coast is Bubiyan Island, with a plain relief. Instead, west of Kuwait resembles a delta dominated by mountains with altitudes exceeding Ad Dibdiba, 306 meters. Temperature is surging, especially in the summer when I was there; the humidity is very high, especially in the morning. Temperature reach to 40 degrees in the shade, and the sun passes 50 degrees. For this reason, the shops are closed during the day, because the Arabs do not leave the house for lunch. After, all shops open 17 hours and closing sometime is after 1 am.

You can visit Kuwait City, Failaka Island, Al-Ahmadi. Al-Jahrah. Is not a city meant to be visited, you miss to see a beautiful woman or a way to spend time. Personally, I was on business there, did not impress me at all but it is not a city so ‘’removed’’. They have many impressive malls in an architecture that combines Oriental elements with Western ones, away from Dubai designs, but also have their style. In shopping malls photography is prohibited, so if you want to photo in front of a brandy shop, quit.:))))…

What struck me is that many 4 or 5 star hotels, which houses the offices on the lower floors, many of them sheltering American corporations. In fact everywhere you look, you find very many Americans, many American cars…you feel like in America…but you’re notJ)))

The streets are bounded by sidewalks tall palm trees, taller than 15 feet are found along the boulevards and the cliff. Not found stalls or other boutiques, as found in Europe. There are only big stores, many of them with fabric or carpet. The clothes are from well known designer and are pretty and pretty expensive.

Here, the inhabitants are eating their traditional food… yogurt and figs, but also fish, meat and rice. Spices are an essential part of the kitchen, the most used are coriander, cloves and saffron, so if you're used to eat more light, here you have a problem …a big one….and only chocolate from the market will satisfy your hunger :)))…. do not be surprised if in a tea or coffee, very popular to them, you'll find some spices, it's tradition, pure tradition.

In Kuwait there are here are two bazaars, one of vegetables and fruits and the second, a textile one, where everything is negotiable, but the products have a lower quality.

Here there is loud talking, people are gesticulating more and maybe it is also loud swearing :))) ... You're in point of civilization, to be clear.

This was my little trip to this city and I hope you will visit it if you are lovers of Muslim culture, will delight, if not definitely have a wide range of cities and countries meant to be on your taste. :)

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