Karlovy Vary and Becherovka beer

by Daria Lorian
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Karlovy Vary is one of the most famous spas in Europe. The famous Czech resort, known for centuries for its thermal springs with therapeutic qualities in treating many diseases, attracts tourists of any nationality not only for the benefits of water and for the place and the architecture of the buildings. Here all the hotels are luxurious, brightly colored in yellow, pink, orange to red bordeux, lacy carved stucco or statues, similar and yet each having a "something" that makes them unique. Each has many surprising architectural element that delights the eye and soul.

Karlovy Vary is famous for the traditional drink Becherovka (38 degrees!), Over 200 years old, which is made from 32 herbs and cinnamon, but also for the Moser glass factory that is here. What really draws the eye are luxury goods stores …forbidden to ordinary people: Bohemian crystal, jewelry and many fancy and very expensive things.

In the resort there are two beautiful churches: Mary Magdalene Baroque church, where I was able to go after he finished a concert and St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church. I tasted myself from two springs, one being the hot spring - 72 degrees Celsius, and the other has the water warm.

Karlovy Vary in  Czech is a health resort with multiple benefits, a charming, quiet and full of life place.


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