KAILASH - Sacred Mount of Tibet

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Mount Kailask or ''Kailas'' is a  isolated pyramidal in southern Tibet, situated parallel with the  Himalayan mountain range. Europeans were not allowed to have access to this area, the first European who managed to undertake pilgrimage around Mount Kailasa is Hevin Sven Anders (explorer who made the first maps of Tibet) in 1907. Sacred Mount Kailas is identified so as Buddhist tradition and Hindu tradition with Mount Meru, the "Axis Mundi", and is said to achieve 108 times the pilgrimage around the mountain, on a route of 50 km, at 5000 feet, to ensures achieving the spiritual liberation.

Kailas Mountain is considered the " center of the world " for Buddhists and Hindus , Mount Kailas ( in Tibet ) has attracted pilgrims for centuries among the Tibetan , Nepalese and Indian. Followers of Hinduism considers Kailas ( 6714 m ) the replica of Mount Meru and the residence of the god Shiva. For some Tibetan , Kailas (known as the " Precious Mountain " ) is revered as the place of residence of Demchok , the wrathful emanation of Buddha Sakya Muni , and the abode of the ascetic and mystic of the eleventh century Milarepa .

A legend claims that who climbs to the top of the mountain will get bad luck and curses without measure , therefore Buddhists are cautious when it comes to this sacred place .

His bizarre shape , somewhat conical , but also brings like a pyramid , released over time controversy . Russian researchers concluded that Mount Kailas is a kind of a pyramid built in ancient times . Locals claim that the mountain was born over night , an idea that could very well support the theory of Russians. If these facts were true then surely human history should be rewritten...

Anyway, the mysticism of this mountain is highlighted by the two lakes at the base to one in the form of the Sun (Manasarovar) and the other in the shape of the moon (Rakastal). It is easy to see why this mountain attracts many pilgrims and tourists eager for mystical insights, revelations and absolute knowledge...Its peak is considered the place where the gods are, and its position is strategic, near the rivers Indus and Ganges.

The journey to Kailash Mountain I suggest to do it from Kathmandu, that you go to Kodari.... a distance of 120 Kms and pass through Friendship Bridge...and after Visa formalities, you enter into Tibet. Here, the are land cruisers, the journey take 3 hours and you will reach  Nyalam (3700m)....you stay that night and also the next ...you definitely must became friendly with the weather, acclimatization and calorie-intake....don't try to avoid these important things...because the route is very difficult and could be very dangerous for you health...especially if you don'y have experience.
Next day, you go to Saga, which is at distance of 240 kms and stay also for the night. The next day, you can start from Saga and through Paryang (255 kms), reached Mansarovar lake and you will see the first sight of Holy Mount Kailash... drive around Mansarovar and Lake Parikrama. I would strongly recommend booking your trip with a Tibetan outfit based in Tibet, to have everything  under control, have a licensed guide and so on. It's an experience you will never forget, is really an adventure to the fullest. I put a map of one of the trails which I hope will be helpful.







I use the photo with Mount Kailash from www.yunnanadventure.com,



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