Johannesburg - What to avoid and more tips

by elena pikovshai
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I was twice in South Africa, first in Johannesburg in 2005  and a second time in 2007 in East London
In connection with the climate out there is just the opposite as here. However, winter is not too harsh. Maybe in higher areas to catch some snow. The rest 10 to 15 degrees day and 5-8 degrees at night.
Vaccination is pointless to worry because you do not need.
II was out both times for business, but if you go as a visitor , I think to be a problem with the grant. I think it's more of a formality.
Transportation: The first time I flew AirFrance Paris - Johannesburg and the second time with Lufthansa Frankfurt - Johannesburg - East London . Fare ( round trip ) around 1000 euro .
As an aside, when I first went, I flew from Budapest to Paris due to problems we arrived in Paris late everyone great night and I missed my flight to Johannesburg. So I spent a night and day to evening in Paris at the hotel, all paid by AirFrance . For me it was great, I was for the first time in Paris, and I had the opportunity to do a tour the next day.
As cities worth visiting , not sure what to say (I was just in Johannesburg , Pretoria and East London), but I have some friends in Romania was in Port Elizabeth and said it's really cool and worth walking .
Unfortunately , in terms of danger , South Africa stand fill . In the top of the list are the two cities : Johannesburg and Pretoria (which are very close as location , basically are almost united ) .
While I was there I did not go anywhere without a car . Stay in a villa , which had gates , fence , alarms , video surveillance. I had an alarm button , and was told if I suspect something has triggered the alarm and soon the crew appear to guard company , armed to the teeth , but then I try to stay hidden , that they first draw , and then ask questions .
However, we had no problems while I sat there . When I go to the mall, go to the parking lot , which was guarded . Premises that attended the evening were guards , which gave them some change and that took care of the car. What bothered me a little was that the people there do not " mix " . Meaning: there were white clubs , and pubs for people of color .
Driving style must be one „course" . My friends there have told me that when driving through the city , especially at night , to avoid stopping at traffic lights in place . If I see red traffic light in front , to reduce speed, and after a calc is green. Traffic lights are timed so that he would not be forced to wait long.
East London has seemed to me a little more safe . It is a city on the ocean , and part of the income is and from tourism. Here , just take care not to walk at night down the street.
Also here, the premises on which they frequently were not exclusive . That goes white and black people .
As a conclusion : if you get used to the idea than you have to have a little more care about your safety and your property , South Africa is an incredibly beautiful place .

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