Jaipur & the Winds Palace - India (part 1)

by elena pikovshai
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Jaipur & the Winds Palace

Jaipur is a charming city, a delight for any tourist, the original architecture of the eighteenth century, the bright colors of the buildings, handicrafts and jewelry from every corner, with all sorts of wonderful decorative and handicraft, jewelry, accessories and more.

The town is fascinated , it seems like Noah’s Ark…everywhere people, elephants, camels, vendors, trainers snakes, stalls ... you can have a headache, but above all, in Jaipur seems like everyone is accepting and living together, which I find it wonderful. Among the most popular attractions here are: Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace, Jah Mahal, Jantar Mantar - UNESCO, and a lot of temples and gardens.

In Jaipur there is a famous palace, called Palace of Winds, located on a high platform near the city wall , it has symmetrical façade, 5 levels, which are up to 15m. Hava Mahal - or Palace of Winds is has 343 balconies and 953 windows and it is said that the Maharaja's wives stood in the balconies and were allowed to look outside without them being seen. It is built of red sandstone and pink , common in buildings of Jaipur, is surrounded by white borders and motifs are painted in whitewash. The facade has 935 spectacular windows , arranged in a large curve . Each has a beautifully carved balcony , went outside , and a roof top arch and cornice . Openings are almost like the windows of observation, partially covered by gratings beautiful plaster, providing a constant flu air with imperative little rooms behind them. Last three levels of the building have only one room . To the west is a vaulted entry , cleanse open in a building surrounded by two levels, built on three sides, the fourth , in the east , the building has an additional level . It is interesting that there are no stairs to reach the upper floors , only ramps . Palace of Winds is a true symbol of the city, with over 150 windows.

Other places I visited

  • Jantar Mantar Observator, it is a complex of 14 astronomical instruments built by Maharaja Jai Sing II,  measuring time, meridians, planets, planets, so is quite interesting visiting.
  • City Palace is a vast complex in the middle of the city, which is also the home of the Jaipur royal family, descendants of Maharajah occupying one of the buildings, being called The Pink Palace,  because Singh Maharaja painted the palace in pink to honor of the visit of Prince of Wales - Edward VII.
  • Amber Fort, is about 10 km from Jaipur, former capital of the region, built over two centuries, it worth a visit to make a trip with the elephants, is super cool!
  • Jalmahal a small palace in the middle of a lake
  • Go outside of Jaipur, if you come here, definitely not stay only 1 day, so: take the Intercity Express train Jaipur to Agra, then Shatabdi Express train from Agra to Delhi, so we will see all the important sights.

Good to know

  • Jaipur is located 260 km from Delhi
  • Jaipur is characterized by a hot semi-arid climate, with an average of rainfall is 650 mm and average temperature of 30 ° C.
  • Don’t be surprise that everyone asks you for money if you beg them to make you a pictureJ
  • In Jaipur there are no sidewalks and is all dust so will be recommended to take tuk-tuk cars.
  • Do shopping in the Grand Bazaar Chandpol
  • The official currency is the rupee, but they accept dollars too
  • Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state and city is indeed entirely pink
  • What impressed me was the Monkey Temple, where monkeys are eating food from your hand, if you let them, obviously J & Water Temple, a temple covered almost half of water.
  • People of Jaipur are extremely simple, colorful dress and feel good in their skin
  • In their cuisine they use ghee (is the most important oil used in Indian and Ayurvedic cuisine),  and butter - their recipes are mostly vegetarian.



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Posted Mar 23, 2015

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