Izmir, one of the pearls of Turkey

by Mehnik Ahdal
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Izmir ... is a delight, splendour....maybe the only reason why I love Turkey, beyond my dear Turks and their hospitality and not at least their culinary goodies. Izmir, is located on the western coast of Anatolia. From Kusadasi to Izmir is not far to go, are approx. 100 km on the highway. The town itself is very cosmopolitan, almost all the time here being organized international fairs, exhibitions and conferences on various topics.

 Izmir is one of the most important ports and is one of the largest in size in Turkey. When you think at Izmir, comes in your mind: Ephesus and Pergamum...hmm... how much history, many feelings and many archaeological sites....

About Ephesus, here is the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, located near the metropolis is a rectangular temple with many tall white marble columns , considered one of the wonders of the ancient world called the soul temple and was dedicated to Artemis, the Goodness of fertility, by the people of Ephesus.

What can I say more... Ephesus is a fabulous place, with a largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. This is the nearest place of Pompeii, where the buried miracles must be explored, only some of them have been discovered till now.

Ephesus tours often include visiting Sirince village, about 8 miles away, muffled hills with olive groves and vineyards. A number of 19th century houses have become boutique hotels. Locals make wine and olive oil and growing peaches ....tasty ... yummy ... here I guarantee you just don t want to leave... be good and wear something comfortable as there is plenty to walk around and see...the views are spectacular...also the house of the virgin Mary is just up the mountain and completes the Ephesus visit.

Konak district stretches along the coastline over an area of ​​approx. 11 km and in my opinion is the most important area of ​​the city. That's because in this neighbourhood, is the most representative point of Konak Square, where you can see the Clock Tower, City Hall and Konak Mosque. All are located in this large and beautiful market right on the seashore, where is the beautiful Aegean Sea. The district is crossed by Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard which runs right next to the sea

Ataturk Caddesi one of the busiest avenues in Izmir, where we meet most luxurious shops, and the best hotels with the dress code, bars and many malls and there is also Izmir Bazaar is an ideal place for shopping, especially for those who want to negotiate.

Castle Kafikale one of the oldest in the region built during the reign of Alexander the Great, offers a great view over the city and the Izmir Bay, located on one of the hills. Kadifekale the Velvet Castle offers spectacular views over the city and the Gulf of İzmir but it’s a long uphill walk...

Museum of History and Archaeology is one of the major museums of the Asian continent, which preserves evidence of ancient Smyrna, and many statues of historic towns reconditioned as Ephesus, Miletus and Sardis.

The Clock Tower is by far one of the most visited in Izmir may be due to the strategic location near the waterfront in Izmir, is a tower 25 feet having 4 sides at the bottom of each fountain located. It was built at the beginning of the century, and such wells are found in all major cities of Turkey. Ohh, and by the way...when u decide to go visiting the Epheus, you could include Şirince on your itinerary, a former-Greek hill village located 8kms east of and above Selçuk...

The hotels are for all kind of budget, the food is great and cheap so there is an excellent choice of hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets to suit all tastes and pockets and plenty to do and see....you should know that in Izmir there are a plenty of shoes stores, affordable or not, so you will have a plenty to choose.

Everywhere are terraces, cafes, restaurants Kumru, Kumru being a culinary symbol in Izmir, Cesme served mainly in the district, especially at breakfast with Turkish tea. The most animated part of the city is Alsancak, a promenade area with many bars with live music, restaurants and chic shops, souvenir shops and designer clothes or the nightlife. A wonderful restaurant where we ate was Topcu , which is just up the road from Movenpick...

Izmir is an important commercial centre and sea port and also a glamorous metropolis, a day trip to this city is more than welcome! Try and you will see what I am talking about! Izmir is outstanding!!! 

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