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Israel is full of attractions and monuments, significant importance historically and culturally symbols, being one of the most contrasted and controversies state. It’s the only country in Middle Orient that has a free democracy and the independent press is encouraged. Even you could have certain fears regarding to this land, a sacred one, regarding to the old conflict for thousands of years, that fuels further differences between two different mentalities, it’s an experience more unbelievable than you ever imagined, for example because in the North are mountains and desert in the South, so is the only country where it can snow and to be hot heat at the same time.

My journey started in Jerusalem, the capital and largest city of it is known as the Holy City or Land of promise. It is divided into four main districts: Jewish Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, Christian Quarter and the Armenians. The city represents a combination between a holy place and a modern city.

Before I write about what we can visit and ways to improve you’re staying in Israel, I will point some interesting facts. When you walk down streets probably you will notice women with straight medium hair, and somehow they are identically, because if they were married from ultra orthodox rite, they cut their hair very short, that is the tradition, so they were a wig. The woman hair is considered the most attractive part so its dedicated only for her man, is hidden from the eyes of the world.

Israel is a much evolved state, if you think that on the banknotes are also in Braille language, especially design for blind people.

Try to avoid wearing shorts, or any piece of clothing too harshly, because you will look ridiculous and you will attract attention and not the good way. Also don’t visit any monument with you bag full of souvenirs or shopping bags, it’s a part of the temple protocol, there are no signs to denied that, but some of our guide told us , so it’s good to keep that in mind.

The currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). Each shekel is divided into 100 ' agurot ' (singular ' agura ').

The place that I would recommend for accommodation is the city of Haifa in the North. Is a beautiful city, with exit to the sea and is also a place where you can get beautiful souvenirs for home, though at very good prices and for all tastes. In Haifa people were being friendly, sociable, and ready to help you if you need information’s or something.

To visit: Nazareth, Bethlehem and obviously Jerusalem.

In Israel you could visit: Jesus ' Tomb, Kidron Valley, the Dead Sea scrolls, the Qumran, the River Jordan, the sea of Galilee, Jerusalem or The Complaints.

Israel is a country that has 5 exists to the sea, where you can see some beautiful places, including the fact that Dead Sea is one of them is unique in the world because it is the only one in the world where you can float on the water because of the high concentration of salt.

This is Israel-the Holy Land or Canaan as it is called in the Bible.


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Enia Marcian
05 Dec 2013 01:07
Very beautiful !
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