Haifa and the 8th World Wonder

by Merzan Abigail
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Haifa is the third largest city in Israel; it is still the second largest economic center of the country, mainly due to the biggest port in the Mediterranean Sea. Haifa is built on three levels: on the seashore there is the old part, the port and the coast, than the middle centre, which is now Hadar HaCarmel shopping center and the upper town, Carmel, full of exclusive villas. Haifa name means "beautiful coast" in Hebrew - Yaffe Hof, because is located on the hills of Mount Carmel or from the name of the priest Caiaphas. The houses are large made by stone with modern glass towers and the streets are with serpentines all over the city. The emblematic element of the city is Bahai Gardens. The gardens were closed and re-opened after almost seven years of hard work, architects and builders, made a stunning masterpiece, breathtaking. Gardens are built into 9 concentric circles that look like waves with a center temple, dedicated to the founder Bab, having 40 feet tall, 58 white marble columns, 9 facades representing 9 major religions and a golden dome. The park is particularly enchanting, has 19 terraces with palm trees, cypresses, orange trees, olive trees, pines and other trees that complete a picture of the dreaming world, which is why he was been named as the 8th wonder of the world. Once you are in Haifa you have to make a trip to Nazareth, where Jesus was born ... and in Cana of Galilee, the place where Jesus transformed water into wine.

The prices are incredibly good, cheap, from perfume to clothes, toys, sweets, you will be amazed to see how cheap everything is. In Haifa in shopping malls, they have very good prices, especially in the mall near the port but also in the central mall, that looks so imposing, as the first one through. I liked it here, is a world that makes you think,  beauty combined with the poverty from the old part of the city that makes you be aware of what you are, what you do, what your life looks like and so on. It's old and new, luxury and poverty, its contrast…Haifa.

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