Gisors Attractions

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Strolling around the artistic Gisors

In northern France, nestles one of the most chic and inspiring villages: Gisors. The capital of Normandy Vexin, Gisors, a beautiful ancient medieval village, inspired famous artists such as Picasso, Monet or Pissarro, spreading its splendor through an infinite source of rich history and culture.

Walking around in every corner of the streets, you will discover a priceless heritage going back several centuries and a particular architectural style, reflected in those colorful houses and grandiose edifices, drawn from the Knights Templar period, which still has kept untouched its prestigious inheritance.

Gisors Attractions

Le Chateau de Gisors - The Castle of Gisors is the emblem of the city, boasting its feudal mound that dominates the entire territory. The castle has an ample royal domain, sprinkled with multi colored flower beds and abundant vegetation, featuring elements from the 12th century. Le Chateau de Gisors is the evidence of Anglo-Norman and French medieval military construction, which ingeniously built a fortress that today shows a precious inheritance.

Le Lavoir - The Wash Place, it’s a kind of wooden bridge under which are flowing the river’s Epte waters. It is thought that Le Lavoir is dating all the way from the middle of the 15th century. The 117 km of river Epte are emblematic for the history, representing the geographical border of Normandy. Currently, the Epte Valley is a conservation area.

Les Douves - The Moats. From the Wash Place, you will continue your walk towards the remains of the Moats, a wall dating from the 12th century, built to defend the city. From the moat you'll admire the whole castle and many of the impressive towers which marks it out.

L’Eglise Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais - The Church Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais, more like a majestic cathedral, is the living proof of eclecticism, by its architectural elements showing the evolution from Gothic to Renaissance style. Worth visiting especially for its outstanding stained glass windows.

Le Chateau de Pablo Picasso - in Picasso’s Castle, the artist has created many of his famous works, such as: ‘’Naked woman in a red armchair’’ or “Minotaur and the Girl”.

Rue de Bourg - now called Vienne Street is like a journey into the past: half-timbered houses from the 15th century that survived the 1940 bombardments. The street name – Vienne Street, is given in honor of the Gisors village, who supported the army during the Second World War. Today, the street is a step into the past and enjoys a bohemian air, featuring at the ground floor of the houses, all kind of chic boutiques, bakeries and patisseries.

>>>Eating out in Gisors

LE JEAN BART, 1 rue de Paris 27140 Gisors

BRASSERIE DE L’ETOILE, 20, rue du General De Gaulle 27140 Gisors/ traditional cuisine

WHY NOT? 32-34, rue de Vienne 27140 Gisors

>>>Shops in Gisors (wine, macarons, candies, chocolates, jams or pastries products)

MACARONS-CHOCOLATS; 45, rue Cappeville 27140 Gisors

LA PATISSERIE BAZON; 25, rue de Vienne 27140 Gisors

At Gisors tourism office (address: 4, rue du General de Gaulle), you will also find a boutique where you can buy sweets or souvenirs. From here, you can take free tourist brochures about Gisors and its surrounding areas.

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