Gerberoy and the Annual Rose Festival

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Gerberoy is a charming village in the region of Picardie, France, which annually organizes one of the most famous and fragrant festivals in France: La Fête des Roses ( the Roses Festival).

Every year, in the third week of June, on Sunday, Gerberoy’s tiny cobbled alleys are fragrant with roses of all varieties and merchants coming from all over France, especially to sell these gorgeous smelling plants. Not to mention the small boutiques where they sell hand soaps made from natural ingredients, from the Provence lavender to the roses petals or donkey milk.

Although throughout the year Gerberoy is a beautiful village, during the festival of roses, all the scenery gets glow and color, being animated by lots of cheerful people, great richness of colors and the alluring scents of flowers and sweets flavored with poppies. At every step you'll find a story, a thought thrown in the past, because the landscape seems to have stalled, sending you 50 years ago, in an enchanting and sublime time.

To discover a very interesting species of roses, I recommend Jardins Henri Sidander - known for his paintings and flowers which harmoniously have decorated its house. Thus, you will admire a very appreciated and rare species of roses – the blue roses, making the delight of every visitor reaching out this little flower paradise called Gerberoy.

The town's medieval architecture decorated with flowers and lush plants attracts photographers from around the world, especially when on the narrow streets are appearing vintage cars such as the Trabant, driven by passionate car collectors who enthusiastically greet all the people gathered to enjoy this outstanding mix of things and feelings.

On the ground floor or basement of some houses you can enjoy a fresh juice, homemade jam and other French delicacies, or you can admire and buy paintings and handmade objects made with creativity by the local artists, which can be the best and authentic souvenir that you can take from Gerberoy.

On the streets of Gerberoy you will find folk dancing and singing, restaurants, animated outdoor terraces, small boutiques where you can buy food or souvenirs, lots of stalls filled with roses, ready to be bought and planted, and after all, such an amazing scenery, transforming Gerberoy into one of the most charming villages on the entire French territory.

Attractions travelers recommend
La Fête des Roses ( the Roses Festival)

Every year, the third week of June, on Sunday.



Eating out: Bistrot De Pays, l'Atelier Gourmand de Sarah


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