Fascinating Brazil, Sao Paulo

by Ion Ion
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After a 9 hour plane flight and other 2 hours drive, we arrived at Guaruja, a small location which is on an island, near Santos. Guaruja means narrow way and it is called the pearl of the Atlantic. At first I was impressed by the people very different, by Brazilian women proud of their forms robustness and their colourful clothes and revealing, by many lifeguards helicopters that ensures water-loving people were not too far offshore.

After several hours of scorching sun, we enjoyed the best beer black and I had a giant sandwich with layers of meat and a delicious dessert "tree do mel" - cookies with cinnamon, caramel and chocolate cream.

In Sao Paolo I did not want to halt a lot, but I passed at high speed by Lonely Planet on Avenida Paulista which connects the new with the old city of São Paulo. This is a combination of historic buildings and very tall modern buildings.

There are lots of shopping centers, art galleries, shopping centers and the Art Museum of São Paulo, Cathedral da Sé, the largest church in Sao Paolo, with 14 imposing towers, Edificio Martinelli, a skyscraper, on whose roof I saw a fantastic view of the city.

Brazil is a wonderful country, with warm and polite people, fascinating and full of beauty...

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