Facts about Argentina ( 1 )

by Daria Lorian
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Hello there, today I will share with you guys, some fascinating fact, in my opinion, of course, about Argentina. So you must know that Boulevard "July 9" in Buenos Aires holds the record for the widest street in the world; it has 16 bands over the 140 meters. Argentina is a country of extremes, and when i say that is for real...imagine that in Mendoza province is Mount Aconcagua, with an altitude of 6,960 meters, the highest mountain outside Asia and in the province of Santa Cruz is the deepest point in South America, Laguna del Carbon (-105 m) in southern Argentina is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. This may be the reason why the highest and lowest temperature in South America has been in Argentina. It’s barely impossible to don’t know the famous revolutionary Ernesto Guevara so find out he has being born in the city of Rosario in Argentina.

Most famous cultural events in Argentina are Tango, a genre of music and dance developed in Buenos Aires in the late nineteenth century so tripping in Argentina could be for you a brilliant tango... to really feel the thrill of the dance, try to learn a few steps and go to the ‘’Milonga’’ (entrance is 5 to $ 8)

- Argentina is the second country in size and population, after Brazil. In southern Argentina there is "Land of Fire", an archipelago of over 40,000 islands.

- “Tren de las Nubes” is the third highest railway in the world.

- Try neighbourhood La Boca, is Italian, consists of 3-4 streets crowded with restaurants and shops, colourful houses, itinerant artists and dancers. It;s pretty cool.

- Pick a walk through Belgrano, Chico or Palermo Viejo to see museums and try San Telmo to find out some antiques...or for relaxing and fun time choose Recoleta and Porto Madero.

- If you are interested in history, here you will find a lot of museums, if you like traditions will meet wonderful performances of music, dance and folklore almost every place, if you like sports, here you can practice a lot of sports such as rafting, skiing, safari and so on. I will mention a lot more things on my next post.



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