European Christmas Markets 2015

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Colmar Christmas Market

One of the most special Christmas markets that you can ever see in your life, is found in France, in the beautiful Alsace region, which nestles the most magnificent and picturesque towns: COLMAR, becoming famous around the world for the French and German mix of styles: French window shutters and German half-timbered facades. Not to mention the resemblance with Venice because of its half-timbered houses lined up along the greenish canals.

All the houses are beautifully arranged along the romantic canals and the 'Petite Venise' is the place where the magic begins, especially in winter when Colmar is decorated with lights and the holy spirit of the holidays is floating in the fresh air of winter.

Without doubt, it will be so crowded, because Colmar Christmas market located in Place Jeanne d’Arc, shows so many elements that make you vibrate: a lot of stalls with decorations and lights or Alsatian dishes that make you drool.

‘Petite Venise’ resembles the famous Venice of Italy, being the most beloved part of Colmar, thanks to the enchanting landscape, especially in winter when it’s created a special paradise for both children and adults. Wooden colorful cottages filled with decorations and sweets, invites you to taste hot apple juices, aniseed cookies, pralines, bretzels, the famous cinnamon and walnuts kugelhopf, and not least, to post a letter to Santa!

This year, Colmar Christmas market opens its arms from 20th November to 31st December 2015!

Locations – Colmar Christmas markets

* Christmas Market - Place des Dominicains, an angelic market dominated by the gorgeous Dominican Church, that shines softly above the 60+ Christmas cottages filled with enticing goodies.

* Christmas Market - Petite Venise, lined up with colorful houses, all kind of toys and gingerbread flavor, it’s a magical spot for children, who will enjoy also an animated Nativity scene and a huge letterbox where they will be able to put letters to Santa Clause.

* Christmas Market - Place Jeanne d’Arc boats with traditional products of Alsace cuisine, so it's a must see for foodies.

* The Covered Market of the Koïfhus is ideal if you want to warm up or if you like art objects. Here, you will find from sculptures to second-hand objects like jewelry, books, decorations or unique souvenirs. It's a really welcoming location, especially as it is housed in a fabulous 14th and 15 the century building.

* Christmas Market - Place de l’Ancienne Douane is right next Koïfhus, in an enchanting square, where you will admire the beautiful Schwendi fountain, created by Auguste Bartholdi, surrounded by tiny wooden cottages, where you'll find plenty of delights.

Sibiu Christmas Market

Willing to try something different? Maybe a new country, a new culture and a new winter adventure? Well, if so, take your boots and come at the Christmas Fair in Sibiu!

Sibiu Christmas Market is Romania’s jewel, a country where winter is the most beautiful season in which you can enjoy the festive atmosphere. One of the best Christmas markets in Europe dressed in lights and decorated in the holiday spirit, Sibiu welcomes you with its outstanding architecture, hospitable locals and angelic carols.

Between November 20 and December 26, 2015, you will enjoy the terrific Sibiu Christmas market, where a lot of wooden cottages will be filled with handmade decorations, such as tree globes, candles, frames, gift boxes or elegant furs, leather goods and traditional Romanian products, cheeses, country ham or homemade cakes and chocolate.

In the evening, Sibiu gets a sublime outlook, due to its huge tree full of colorful and sparkling lights. The smell of mulled wine and cinnamon or the apple pie flavor is spreading in the air, making the entire Christmas market to become a fairytale.

Location - Christmas market Sibiu

This year, the Christmas market takes place in Piata Mare of Sibiu, where thousands of lights will shine, it will be a huge tree and a lot of wooden houses will host traditional Romanian food, decorations, souvenirs and the omnipresent mulled wine.

Zurich Christmas Market

If you're lucky enough to be in Switzerland or get there in winter, you will be partaker of Advent concerts, Sprüngli chocolate truffles and fairy lights of the Christmas market in Zurich. Opened between November 27 and December 24, 2015 Zurich Christmas Market it’s a magnet for lovers of Christmas spirit and those foodies who would be elated to find out about the outrageous Piz Europe fondue hut, a kind of must try cheese fondue in Zurich!

Zurich Christmas market it’s more than a Christmas market, rather being a magical realm, where the winding cobbled streets guides you to some extravagantly decorated wooden chalets filled with goodies and decorations of all kinds, and a huge imperial tree which is decorated with precious Swarovski crystals. So do not be surprised that Zurich houses the biggest indoor Christmas market in Europe!

Perhaps the prettiest tradition of Zurich is the ‘Singing Christmas Tree’, a kind of platform built in the shape of a tree where kids climb up when singing traditional carols.

Locations - Christmas markets Zurich

* Zurich Old Town Christmas market is the most romantic experience and the most emblematic Christmas market of Zurich, located in the heart of the Niederdorf quarter, right in the Old Town. So… take a walk through the crowd and enjoy some mulled red wine, you will not regret it!

* Zurich Main Train Station Christmas market is a must-see, especially when you’ll get off the train and you'll feel the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine that will lead you to the biggest indoor market in Europe, featuring 150 fascinating stalls. There, you will discover the ultimate sophistication: a huge tree fully decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

* Rapperswil-Jonaone Christmas market is of the largest in Switzerland, featuring more than 200 chalets where you will find the specific Swiss food and decorations. In this romantic Christmas market you will be welcomed with songs, artistic performances, fairytales for children and many special events organized on the occasion of Christmas.

* Werdmühleplatz Christmas market will surprise you every day through the wonderful music and especially by its Singing Christmas Tree, a tree-shaped platform where children choirs are transposing beautifully the Christmas spirit through their repertoires.

Christmas Markets near Zurich

* Einsiedeln Christmas Market is very special thanks to the magnificent Benedictine monastery that stands out imposingly in the background. Many colorful little houses filled with all sorts of goodies are lined up neatly, while the monastery completes the overwhelming landscape.

* Winterthur Christmas market is featuring 100 wooden chalets where scents of cinnamon, mulled wine, scented candles and organic jams will attract you immediately.

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