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Buenos Aires is located in South America and is called the ‘’Southern Paris’’ because the atmosphere is typical to Paris ... very romantic. In Buenos Aires there is the widest street in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio, looks like the Champs-Elysees with the same style, but being much wider.

It is well known that in 1900 in Buenos Aires was born the most loved and known century dance, Argentine tango, becoming the most popular dance in Europe and the United States.

In Buenos Aires there is Mansion Dandi Royal Hotel, where is the most famous tango academy where every year worldwide strangers put their hope to be admitted to the class of the famous instructor Hector Villalba.

In Buenos Aires you can visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, with the impressive collections of artists such as Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Renoir and Picasso, you can enjoy Puerto Madero shopping center, located in the river port, that has also a ship anchored,  called Fregata Sarmiento, with a maritime museum. Also for a break and a moment of joy, stop at Cafe Tortini, which is the oldest and exclusive cafe in town, located on Avenida de Mayo 825, in the center of Buenos Aires.

For an idyllic walk, park Palermo is a delight for the soul and body. Rose garden is emblematic for this park and the ponds connected by narrow channels, everything is full of life, people on bicycles, joggers or go kayaking...

The average annual temperature is 18 degrees Celsius and winters are mild.

Some interesting facts about Buenos Aires

  • In Buenos Aires is the largest theater in the world: El Teatro Colon, which houses 3,500 people.
  • The most beautiful bookshop in the world is in the old theater El Ateneo, the interior resembling a palace with many beautiful places and niches, where you can read a book.
  • The most requested service in the city is the bus conductor.
  • Under the eighteenth century Jesuit monastery in Manzana de las Luces, there is a mysterious network of tunnels exploited only partially.
  • The streets of Buenos Aires are arranged in grid and approximately all meet in right angles.
  • In Buenos Aires there were four dialects: a mixture of Spanish and German, Indian and Spanish with ‘’lunfardo colloquial’’ dialect. Currently, in Buenos Aires is speaking the Argentine version with Spanish.
  • Manzana de las Luces houses the most important religious, cultural and educational institutions throughout the city.
  • Every day there are dance performances in several areas in Buenos Aires, most of them have free entrance.
  • See La Boca neighborhood with its houses painted in many bright colors. In La Boca is found the Boca Juniors football stadium, the team of the famous player Diego Maradona.
  • Buenos Aires city residents are called Portenos.
  • Go to the cultural and commercial center: Galería Pacifico, where you can do your shopping and you can enjoy the exhibits.
  • Visit the Xul Solar Museum, it’ a wonderful experience and in the same time unique, because the artist uses a series of watercolors with unexpected and mysterious nuances.
  • Buenos Aires Tango Festival takes place in late February and early March, meaning that in this period there are a plenty of free tango shows and concerts.


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