Discovering the craziest customs in INDIA

by Diana Diana
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India fascinates you from the first moment. First ‘’hits’’ you with its poverty and precarious conditions of a young nation, and then attracts with its customs and traditions as well as the opulent part of India and its extremely fascinating nation.

Probably you wonder why I say you'll be fascinated? Well ... the simple fact that you will see everywhere plastic chairs ...could be a reason:))….Indians uses their imagination so ingeniously, in different purposes with different uses, so don’t be surprised if you will see in all corners and Indian houses, some plastic chairs…it’s a fancy thing! :))

If you come from a country where honking despairs you when you're in traffic, find that here, things are totally different! Honking is encouraging and is a sign of respect to honk whenever you get the chance! Hahaha….weird but true!!! J That makes me think that if things stay like that in all countries, the level of anxiety would be diminishing :) :) :)

In India reading newspapers is a fact that really happens… not as in other parts of the world where print media is disappearing and freedom of expression through writing is perhaps nonexistent. Being in a country full of all kind of dialects, people talking different  languages​​, have different cultures, print media is booming and there is even exists the ‘’second hand newspapers’’, although the price of a new newspaper is extremely affordable, especially for the literacy grow process.

I'm sure you have heard about private detectives ... but ... I think you have not heard about detective? :)) … In India it is a practice designed to help the bride and groom to know each other better. In fact, you should check if the man with whom is going to spend the rest of your life, it really what it claims to be and his daily actions are verified through this service of wedding detectives…pretty cool, huh? :))

You forgot to clean your ears? There's no problem! According to Indian tradition, this job even exists and is created for you, being met at every street corner…so make sure you have good ears cleaned, so not to clean up someone else on the street . :))))

Now, still wonder why India fascinates you? :))


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