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The capital of the Dubai’s Emirates, one of the seven parts of the States of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai combines Islamic culture and tradition with the most luxurious restaurants, opulent hotels and the most important brands.

 It is well know that Dubai is not a destination for anyone. Many consider its opulence too sophisticated and untouchable, while others wouldn't even put it on the must visit list, for the fact that they are more or less conservative.

Reach out to Dubai; you don't have to be in possession of a colossal fortune. There are flights from most expensive to most affordable, including a new flight from a low-cost airline, but not landing on the main Dubai’s airport.

It is well known that Dubai International Airport is the largest airport in the world. So you can imagine the amount of people and planes, which circulates every day, as well as the huge and endless queues.

Small tips

- The airport bus circulates, from 10 to 10 minutes, approximately, between the Terminal 1, 2 and 3.

- Terminal 1, airside, near Gates C23 and C9, basically, the old terminal. Advantages: is not so crowded, people seem quieter and there are more seating.

- If you have to travel between concourses, be careful and calculate distances in time, because only if you see you can believe that this airport is unimaginable huge.

- In the airport, at level three it is a hotel called Dubai International Airport. Transportation with a shuttle bus is free.

- Taxis are relatively cheap. It will cost you more or less than AED 40/USD 14 (from the airport to Bur Dubai). Use with confidence the taxi, also to visit Dubai, because is very cheap and even if drivers are Pakistani and Indians and do not understand English well, for sure you will handle it.

- Not a friendly pedestrian city - Many roads do not have sidewalks & not sufficient road crossings. 

What to see/visit: Dubai Museum; Jumeirah Mosque (The most beautiful Mosque in Dubai, the only open for those from another religion); Grand Mosque; Dubai Yacht; Al Shindagha; Deira Clocktower; Dubai Central Library; Jumeirah Beach; Fountains of Dubai Marina/Burj Al Arab fountain; Burj Al Arab Aquarium; A trip to Abu Dhabi.

- The White Mosque - Bin Zayed Mosque is the largest mosque of the Emirates. Here is found the largest carpet in the world 6,000 m², 45 tons.


Shopping period - Don't miss the Dubai Shopping Festival - takes place between January 28 and February 28 with discounts of about 70% in all malls.

Souks – traditional outdoor market where you can find a variety of items, like jewellery, food, spices and so on. . Don't miss the Souk of gold and spices. To reach them, you have to cross the channel (Dubai Creek) with traditional boats - a very enjoyable experience. 

Famous skyscrapers: Burj Khalifa; Burj Al Arab; Emirates Tower; Dubai World   Centre; Dubai World Trade Centre.

Culinary delights: white chocolate soup; strawberries in balsamic vinegar;         tobacco and Cognac ice cream; moussaka.

Good to know: Indian and Pakistani food is well known in Dubai and it’s very, very cheap but not for all kind of stomachs, considering it is spicy- Try Dubai Mall for more variety or local restaurants.


Exchange rates - Euro 100 dirham = 20 = $ 27

To observe life in Dubai - Try Dubai Creek – Dubai’s soul, a channel of water crossed by many taxis and boats 1

In Dubai there are many mosques and buildings that have large posters with their leader.

It is preferable to talk in normal limits, not screaming.

Do not be surprised that there are soldiers with rifles in hand, every entry and exit from the subway.

Almost all taxi drivers are Indians or Pakistanis so their English is poor.

The best pictures will be at sacred Jumeirah Mosque, whose lights are dazzling spectacular.

Bastakya district transposes the atmosphere of the old Dubai with narrow streets and fishermen tiny houses.

There are over 25 malls

Burj al Arab - the only 7*hotel in the world.


You can take the bus No 101 from Ibne Battuta Bus station or Bur Dubai Bus Station to Main station in Abu Dhabi.

The journey lasts 90 minutes, depending on traffic.

You buy the ticket in the bus and each way it is 25 Dirham.

Don't miss the Emirates Palace-whose walls are dressed in gold and  decorate with thousands of Swarovski crystals


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