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by Robert Albu
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Verona is the city of lovers. Perhaps that is why you find a city strangely melancholy. When I chose this destination, to be honest, the basic preference was to be a destination not expensive or opulent, to be a soul destination. And so it was. I enjoyed the offerings from Wizz Air that were a bargain. Route Bucharest - Verona, about 90 Euros per person round trip.

As soon as I arrived at the airport of Verona (Verona Villafranca Airport) took me a few minutes to look for ticket vending machines. I found out that the ticket can be bought from the bus driver. Ticket costs 6 Euros per person, one way and the trip takes 20 minutes. This leaves you in Verona Porta Nuova railway station. My recommendation is to make the trip not in summer, because since June, becomes excessively hot.

I stayed at a 4 star hotel, stylish, close to the centre. * Hotel Maxim ( Prices ok, € 140, 2 nights, double room, beautiful and spacious room, breakfast included. Speaking of breakfast is at least extraordinary! The staff seemed cheerful.

Verona is a city that can’t be enjoyed by anyone, but he loves it all. That’s why despite the crowds, the chaos, Verona has that something. It is a medieval city that attracts you by its simplicity, colour and contrast.

You don’t have so many places to visit, but those few places left in you some questions. What was, what is and what will be.

Verona's centre point is Piazza del Erbe, where Britney Verona fountain invites you to take pictures, buy small souvenirs for your loved ones and soften your thirst and hunger in one of the terraces with flowers where waiters invite you to read the menu.

In Erbe Square is Lamberti Tower. Is an emblem of the town, are 238 steps to climb but also a lift. View over the city is amazing. But I could not reach because was very crowded. I'm heading to Juliet's House, where hardly you can get in. Juliet stories attract all tourists, especially the famous balcony. You go in the house for 4 Euros, that for those lucky to get through scrimmage. I was satisfied with watching the walls, on which were written love messages, names and signs. The Arena is again emblematic, is an amphitheatre where in summer you can listen to opera, and in the rest of the year, you can enjoy the outside. I continue my journey with Castelvecchio, which has a bridge that offers a great view, water smooth, light breeze wind that gives you a special fragrance. Castel San Pedro, Roman Theatre, Verona Cathedral are also places that you must see. Clearly have to eat pizza, pasta and ice cream in Bra Square. Remember, you are in Italy!

For shopping Via Mazzini takes you between Erbe Market and Bra Market. Here are representatives of established Italian brands but not only.

Each city has its own charm, but what makes the difference is your perception, especially how you embrace your journey. Don’t deny the joy to visit it. Verona is poetry and emotion.

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