Corsica. Ajaccio & Napoleon's house

by Antoni E
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Corsica. Ajaccio & Napoleon's house.

Corsica It is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also called Kalista, meaning ‘’the most beautiful’’. It was occupied by the Greeks and Romans. Mountains occupy most of the surface, exceeding heights of over 2700 meters and are ok for climbers. Only in the east is a fertile plain, otherwise only terrain. Ajaccio city is known because here was born the great hero of France, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ajaccio is located on the west coast of Corsica, sheltered by forested foothills on the northern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio, is a major port and an exclusive tourist area. Ajaccio preserved old town almost untouched, with that today, the city has expanded with the new. The modern city occupies a large part of the Gulf of Ajaccio and stretches several miles to the river Gravonna.

House of Napoleon Bonaparte (Bonaparte National Museum) is actually an old building with 3 floors and the house where he was born and lived one of those rooms. Around vegetation is very beautiful, very tall, there are bananas, oranges and everything is green.
Napoleon was born here and lived up to seven years in this house, which looks great, and is now a museum and contains a number of documents and personal belongings of his family.

The Fesch Museum it is located in the middle of the two buildings, which are in the form of the U letter. In front of him is another statue of the Emperor Napoleon and a small little park with palm and banks. It was founded to house a collection of paintings over 1000 work arts. It is the second museum after the Louvre, which contains many works by Italian artists, famous names as: Botticelli, Veronese and Titian.

Near Museum Fesch actually on its right sight, is the Imperial Chapel. It was built by Napoleon III, respecting the will of Cardinal Fesch, who wanted the Bonaparte family remains to be gathered in the same place. In the crypt are buried Cardinal Fesch, Napoleon's parents (Charles and Laetitia) and other members of the imperial family.

Place Foschi is a beautiful market , full of palm trees, located in the medieval center of the city, the main gate of the town. In market there are lots of cafes and restaurants very picturesque, the market has a beautiful promenade by the Gulf of Ajaccio.

Citadel is one of the main attractions of Ajaccio. The Citadel was built in 1492. In 1559 the fortifications are strengthened citadel is separated from the rest of the city by ditches filled with water.

Many shops in Ajaccio are stylish and expensive, mostly food items, indicate goods made on (and often exclusive to) the island. Corsican cheeses and charcuterie are renowned. Most souvenirs from Ajaccio has related to Napoleon, but do not overlook the region's excellent wine.

So, in conclusion you must know that Ajaccio is the capital of Corse-du-Sud department, the entire region of Corsica, and is full of history. Napoleon Bonaparte was born here and you can still visit the place of his birth, even if, in this period, the house is a museum dedicated to his life and the Bonaparte family. His parents are also, buried in Ajaccio, the Imperial Chapel. The museum contains the private collection of Cardinal Fesch , a local personality with a great admiration for art and Italian culture and presents works of the art of Titian and Botticelli's. See you there.

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