Copenhagen. A world of elegance and style

by Maggy Taillor
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Copenhagen, in Denmark, is situated on two islands (the eastern coast of the Sjaelland and d’Amager island) and is a fabulous city, incredibly elegant, exquisite and stylish. Copenhagen is the capital of the oldest monarchies in the world, the greenest capital and one of the most expensive. Every corner of the Danish capital is extremely clean, extremely well maintained, balanced and tempting.

c Tivoli worth seeing because has many terraces and restaurants with live music, concert orchestras, children's playground and beautiful gardens.

I liked a lot the Stroget Street, not only for its hundreds of stores, but for its beautiful old buildings…the street is known being a great shopping area and also the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe. It's about 1.2 km :)  …street heading east and there are many of the most famous and most expensive shops, restaurants and hotels in Copenhagen.

Wind is an important source of energy, so there are many windmills here… In Copenhagen transport does not help you too much because the distances are small and walking is comfortable. In fact, Strøget is the name given to the entire route pedestrian arteries and is made up of several streets with different names…. Walking on Strøget you will reach another market, Nytorv Square, where is the most imposing building: Domhus Copenhagen, a historic building in neoclassical style. The left side is called Gammeltorv, Old Market Square in the middle of it is, Caritasbrønden, Caritas Fountain, which is the oldest fountain in Copenhagen.

Then you have to see Square Virgin Mary, in the north of the market is the headquarters of the University of Copenhagen, one of the best known and most prestigious universities in the world.

Not to be missed the museum of the Guinness Book, a big department store, called Illum, and enter one of the attractions of the city somehow unique…the Erotica Museum, a museum that shows some of the history of sexuality.  A visit to the planetarium Tycho Brahe Planetarium, it’s a great experience….you can see a 3D movie on the giant screen.

The Town Hall Square is considered the zero point of the capital and is situated between two major parallel arteries, H. C: Andersens Boulevard and Vester Voldgade. In front of City Hall on the right as you look at it, is Dragespringvandet, a dragon fountain, representing a bull fighting with a dragon…

Another point of interest is Helligåndskirken, the Church of the Holy Spirit, one of the oldest churches in Copenhagen, some parts of it having existed for over 500 years…

You should see also the Amber Museum, it is in the picturesque harbor of Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid statue, the symbol of Copenhagen and probably one of the most photographed statues in Europe, Kronborg Castle (Hamlet's Castle) in Helsingor (you can reach Helsingor from Copenhagen by train …about 40 minutes and then must go 15 minutes walk from the station to the castle), Christianborg Castle - the seat of the Danish Parliament – you can catch up the change of the guard around noon, and the Round Tower, where is the oldest astronomical observatory in Europe so here you have a beautiful view over the city.

I recommend, if you stay more than two days to buy the tourist card "Copenhagen Card" - free transportation and discounts to various attractions and have included a free visit to the zoo.


Hotels can be expensive or not …booked in advance, or a last minute offer, or in extra season…you can make a pretty good deal… for example, a 4-star hotel, centrally located, cost around 130 Euros per night.

Note: The best time to visit the city is between May and September; winter could be a little too frosty for those accustomed to moderate temperatures …:)


I have tried: a delicious steak with red wine sauce and potatoes in their peel and a Joffre fluffy cream with chocolate sauce and a bowl of strawberry sauce…the taste can’t be describe in words…


The main shopping areas are: street Stroget and streets adjacent, malls Illum (on Stroget) and Magasin (nearby in the street). For more reasonable prices, you can go to the mall Field's (Orestadt subway station).

Is good to know that in the weekend malls and other kind of shops closes around 17.00 and during the week the program is from 10.00 to 20.00.

In conclusion Copenhagen is a charming town, expensive, extremely clean and beautifully.

Attractions travelers recommend

Eat breakfast at a Bakery Buy Kroner at the airport in Copenhagen for the best exchange rate Use the train when you leave/go to the airport/city center



Eat and drink cheap at the Cofoco group restaurants


Take the train and go to Malmo, it's fabulous there!


The Canal Tours

The Canal Tours, which take you through the new and old Copenhagen and where a guide tells you about the main sights and the most interesting moments in Copenhagen's history.



Islands Brygge Havnebadet

Go in the south of the center of Copenhagen, where are the Islands Brygge Havnebadet, one of two outdoor swimming pools in Copenhagen.



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Maggy Taillor
11 Feb 2014 17:14
Thank you so much to all of you!
Stewart Rafael
11 Feb 2014 17:11
Super interesting and practical, well written!
Marco Marco
11 Feb 2014 17:08
Mi piace molto quello che hai scritto! Molto carino!
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