City of Sydney, Australia

by Enia Marcian
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My sweetheart Australian city, one of the most amazing and exciting is...Sydney!  Even Sydney is way too long and quite tiring when you get there and find out you have only 9 km to reach the centre, makes you feel great. You can use the train for a couple of dollars more or you can use the bus, for only 3 dollars. My main purpose was to visit the Sydney opera, were there is not an opera, as the title might refers too, is a full space dedicated to ballet, art, theatre, dancing and many cultural activities.

Regarding to what to visit, Sydney Harbour Bridge compress more experiences for you, as walking, have a picnic under a bridge admire Sydney view. Royal Botanical Radina has a history of two centuries and is located near the Opera, but remember you cannot explore the whole or in two days. Sydney Observatory is another place where you can see the city in its splendour, with numerous telescopes scattered on the terrace.

I like very much to eat chocolate, so I can say the pancakes are incredible good, also the Lindl chocolate seemed more tasteful than everJ Prices in Sydney are quite expensive but if you are a traveller fan and not addicted to luxurious accommodation, things start to look better. Shopping is amazing, Oxford Street is one of the famous streets were a plenty of shop from all Australian designers, but Queen Victoria Building is a spot where you get lost, considering there are more than 400 shops.

If you want to visit a lot and to travel in Sydney using public transportation, is good to take a card ‘’my multi’’ and you will have some discounts and you will save money. There are 3 kinds of cards and all of them will match for you options. The best time of the year to visit it, I think it is in December and January. One of the weirdest things in Sydney is that the pubs are called ‘’hotels’’ or ‘’hotel pubs’’, but a little bit of them have also the facilities for accommodation.



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The Traveller
03 Dec 2013 18:25
Very nice city !
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