Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

by Merzan Abigail
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Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island can be found in the archipelago Visaya in Philippines.

Chocolate Hills are a unique phenomenon in the world, being wavy formations, having the color of brown chocolate, resulting from the depositing of the successive lava layers. Legend says that they were formed from the tears of a giant, who had his heart hurt, after a battle.

The hills are covered with green grass which gets brown during the dry season. In reality, it seems that these formations are dating from the Pleistocene period and were formed under the action of tectonic plates that have raised the limestone from the bottom of the ocean.

Bohol is the land of Chocolate Hills and the last study in 1776 revealed the existence of hills spread over an area of ​​over 50 square kilometers. Their dimensions are variable ranging between 30 m and 120 m high.

Tourists often resemble them with the famous American company, Hershey's Kisses, which produces delicious chocolates. According to the Philippine Convention and Tourism Organization, the dome shaped hills are sold throughout the towns Carmen, Batuan, Sagbayan and Bohol, being found in a large numberof chocolate hills.

Because they are extremely popular as a tourist area, two of the Chocolate Hills have become a kind of tourism aria, reason why the Philippine government has taken under his protection and make all necessary arrangements so that the Chocolate Hills to be in the World Heritage. Bohol region of Philippines has been blessed with the presence of the Chocolate Lakes area , which is the most appreciated and visited by tourists.

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