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by michael orsan
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In Chicago we visited with great interest all over downtown, tall office buildings, the vast majority are strung on Michigan shore which is about the size of the Black Sea. Their culture is a young, but the level of civilization is considerable. The mentality of the average American can do anything, everything is free, they are open-minded. regarding to what we visit...We visited the Art Institute of Chicago. Sounds stilted about what is actually an art museum, which has exhibits from all over the world trends and stages of development of mankind. Recently had arrived from France, Toulouse Lautrec exhibition exhibits for its subjects taken from the world of cabarets of Montmartre. I also saw the Field Museum "is an impressive museum and I hope with all my heart Instead, let us never get there someday. Hitherto, I recommend come about mainly tourists will go to Chicago with children, but not only. For any child, teenager or adult, a tour of the Field Museum can be a memorable and rewarding experience. One of the things that attract me was the Navy Prier, that is a  tourist port where you can spend a few days without getting bored, so find an Imax Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Chicago Children's Museum, and last rans Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows - which I highly recommend, entrance being free.


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