Cairo...quite unpleasant

by ivanov madalina
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You can enter the Great Pyramid called Cheops and you are not allowed to take pictures in any form or you have the option to enter in a smaller pyramid with 30 pounds and you can take pictures, note that the second piramid is not Kefren, there taking photos is also not allowed, it is one and the smaller nearby  . I entered the little obvious that we can take pictures , the entrance is narrow gotta leaned down , no light at all than to flashes , and do not enter a time to have room to move …

At Sphinx , it is very busy, no space, air, a lot of people, so don’t think you could take some great pictures only with you, because in you photos will appear also other tourists and merchants. The entrance was closed down besides the Sphinx , you just stand up.

Do not throw your tickets you receive from entering the plateau , u will need to enter and Sphinx.

Go to see the beautiful panorama where you will admire the all 3 pyramids and where you can take pictures, is also crowded…

A short stop for half an hour at Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Do not give your photo camera to merchants or tourist police to take pictures because they will ask for money in return …and do not accept " free gifts " from merchants because after they give you  the product they want money.

If you like civilization and cleanliness, I do not recommend such an experience can be traumatic, not to offend,  but I still will not go a second time, especially as I satisfied my desire to see the pyramids….

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