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by Daria Lorian
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The most beautiful island in Boracay  is the famous White Beach, located on the western side of the island and it is therefore understandable that the accommodation units here attract huge numbers of tourists. On the eastern side is Bulabog Beach, favorite water sports addicts, here the accommodations are generally more modest, but you can rent a room. Conversely, you can opt for a stay in the luxurious Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa, where a room can reach 500eur/night. The offers are extremely varied, from Tagalog, to the Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Chinese food, Moroccan, Greek, Spanish, whatever you choose, offers are tempting and tasty. Remember to try the seafood soup and famous traditional dessert Mango Float. It’s good to see the famous Willy's Rock, located mostly at 10-15 meters from the shore, or on the shore at low tide, which is the statue of the Virgin Mary. For those that do not discourage a climb of 60 meters on Mount Luho, the highest point of the island, as the reward is a superb view of the entire island. You must see the sunset at White Beach, Boracay Butterfly fauna and flora Garden, thousands of bats in the Bat Grotto, the party that takes place every month "Boracay Full Moon Party", in which everyone on the island. In the second or third week of January, the Filipinos celebrate the Ati-Atihan Boracay Festival, tribes. Restaurants, terraces, cafes are affordable, for any pocket.

Attractions travelers recommend
Food specialty - BALUT
Filipino specialty called Balut, considered to have aphrodisiac effect. Balut is an egg hatched 18 days.


Talipapa Market

Talipapa market - you can choose fresh single fish and seafood



Local Rum - ''Tandu'' - very cheap and very good quality!


Try San Miquel Beer and fresh tropical fruit juice lemonade with ginger


Accomodation: Best Western Boracay Tropics; Willy’s Beach Club Hote; Discovery Shores Boracay;


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Daria Lorian
29 Dec 2013 16:38
Maggy, Boracay Island is divided into two: the wind and the no wind part :) It take app 10 minutes to reach the other part. If you want to be in peace, no wind and so one, choose the non wind part:) but if you adore surfing and all see activities, the wind definitely wont be a problem:) ....Ticket prices are depending from where are you leaving...I cand mention Tarom, Turkish Airlines, Etihad, Lufthansa, Qatar...the last ones are more expensive.
Maggy Taillor
29 Dec 2013 16:34
And what airlines are more cheaper?
Maggy Taillor
29 Dec 2013 16:32
OMG! Is so much wind there?:)
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