Bienvenidos a México!

by consuelo rivarno
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The first part was superb. I flew with Lufthansa OTP -FRA -MEX . The circuit I bought on the internet from a company in Mexico. The group was formed in Mexico City was super ok : Brazilian , Spanish , Argentinian , Australian , Swiss - we got along great and during the 10 days we were a family of 26 people.
Involved completing a 2400km circuit ! coach , during which I visited 14 cities ( the most important is sitting 2 nights ) : Mexico City, Oxaca , Puebla , Monte Alban , Palenque , San Cristobal , Chichen Itza , Uxmal , Merida , Campeche and Cancun .
It was fantastic : jungle cruise boat speed in the canyon filled with crocodiles , adventure, jungle pyramids , New Year's Eve spent in the jungle , Indian villages , villages with Maya - Mayan language is still spoken in Yucatan , El Castillio - new wonder of the world .
Guide - speechless , I met someone so devoted to the group and have focused attention on everyone to be ok .
In Cancun , leaving aside the fact that it is 90 % populated by American high school students " spend " in like May 1 to November ( as it drinks more slowly as not allowed ) and if you ignore the fact that Gaza of land that is built resort is crowded with hotels, water, her turquoise is gorgeous ! I have not seen anything like it .
With respect to security : not anything happened to me , not the slightest trouble , whether I was in Mexico City with the 22 million people are in the remotest village or town , night or day .

The traffic in Mexico City is impressive, 4 million cars runing hecting. Intersections air is so polluted that it can not breathe. Many buildings have cracks and signs of erosion from water that is found in the city with all modern network channels as a continuous drain. The city is sinking 2-3 cm / year. Threatened by earthquakes, water, polarized social and material Mexicans living moment with frantic joy. At night, under the moonlight Mexicans out in parks and spend good hours lounging on the grass, whole families and couples in love.

What to visit: National Museum of Anthropology, collect artifacts that reconstruct the main population lives in Central America, Basilica of Santa Maria de Guadalupe is located in the city of 1 million inhabitants Guadelupe in Mexico City metropolitan area. She had a huge role in his conversion of tens of thousands of fanatical Indians,
Teotihuacan is the most important and best preserved archaeological site of Mexico, Templo Mayor, is in the very center of the city, zucalo Palace feathered serpent, Pyramid of the Moon though 20 m lower than that of the Sun, looks the same height because of shading land, pyramid of the Sun was built in a period of great expansion of Teotihuacan and its volume exceeds that of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. Certainly Mexico is a land you must visit it at least once in life, is an unforgettable experience where you can learn more.


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