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The discovery of the best culinary destinations began since the time when Europeans traveling in China or India, were bringing condiments and spices in their cities. In every city where you arrive, beyond the beauty of the places that you want to discover, you also feel the need to taste some of the best culinary specialties of that place. Let's discover together the mysteries of the best culinary destinations!


Let us begin our journey through France - Paris – The City of Lights is for centuries a symbol of quality cuisine and some of the best chefs in the world (Alain Ducasse, Joël Robuchon, Alain Passard), continues the tradition of French cuisine in luxurious restaurants.
But what makes Paris one of the best culinary destinations is its opening to innovation of traditional dishes and the embracing of new recipes. That is why in some restaurants you will find a luscious breakfast away from the classic croissant (the first meal of the day is with American pancakes and granola - a cereal mixture specifically American), and for the main course - monkfish with plum sauce and lemongrass and coconut sorbet dessert.

French cuisine is extremely diverse, so that each region of France has its traditional specialties and its ingredients: butter is used in the north while the south prefers olive oil. Of course, you have to start with a plate of famous French cheeses: Camembert, Rouquefort or Brie – actually there are over 400 varieties of cheese. Then, you have the longest menu in the world and must taste the ducks and geese dishes, beef, soups, pastries or chocolate desserts. In fact, everything you eat in France is delicious. And of course, you will enjoy dishes associated with the best wines in the world. This is why, we chose Paris, as being one of the best culinary destination that can show you how refined and delicious can be the French cuisine.


Italy is second in the top of culinary destinations in the world. When you say Italy, you don’t think only at pasta or pizza, lasagna or foccacia, and yet these traditional dishes, although excellent, are not the only traditional dishes that you can enjoy in Italy. You can delight your senses with many types of bread, antipasti (based on vegetables, fish, seafood), tasty soups, especially the fish ones, cooked pork, lamb, chicken or beef and delicious desserts with ice cream and do not forget the famous tiramisu cake. You will definitely appreciate the wines, coffee and the variety of dishes.

Explore Sicily…As in most islands the fish and seafood are the main ingredients in Sicily, along with fresh vegetables grown at the base of Mount Etna. The traditional cuisine of a rare simplicity is the result of the influence of different cultures that passed here throughout the history - Greeks, Romans, Arabs or Europeans Nomads. Specific dishes such as pizza, caponeta (eggplant salad, olives, capers and celery), arancine (fried rice balls), grilled swordfish, squid or beef with Marsala sauce, are paired with white or red wines, which were remarked on the international scene in recent years. So don’t forget to add this magical place in your top culinary destinations!


The Japanese land is dotted with traditional culinary delights that amaze with flavor and by mixing ingredients. For sure Tokyo, one of the best culinary destinations brings you the greatest tastes. The dishes are based on rice or noodles, fish, vegetables and soy, and their separation are done according to the technique used in cooking: raw, grilled, steamed and fried or in sauce. You must taste the dishes prepared only for holidays, such as: botamochi - a rice dumpling, chimaki - rice cake, hamo and Somen - seafood, sekihan - red rice, soba - noodle, chirashizushi and ushiojiru - seafood soups, osechi - a kind of small boxes with different compartments where to put the traditional dishes, especially for the New Year. And of course, do not forget to taste the traditional sake – rice with wine.


United States gathers all traditions in the world at one place, but in New Orleans you really want to enjoy these unique blends. The kitchen of this exotic city through culture is an extraordinary combination between 7 cuisines: French, Italian, African, Native American, Cajun, Creole and Cuban. Sounds interesting? It will be even more appetizing when you enjoy delicacies such as boudin - white sausages, etouffée - rice served with chicken or seafood, beignet - a very delicious donut or the famous sandwich Po'Boy. The locals use as ingredients in recipes: mirliton - a fruit that mixes the taste and the appearance of the zucchini with pear, blue crab, black drum fish, peanuts and oysters.

NYC has today traditional dishes like Manhattan clam chowder, New York bagel, hot dog, pizza or Waldorf salad. New York offers everything you want, bringing together all the cuisines of the world, from Little Italy to Chinatown or Kosher Lower East Side. USA one of the best food destinations, awaits you with the most unique and complex dishes.


The gastronomic capital of South America, Peru gather over 4,000 varieties of potatoes and 2,000 species of fish, a global superlative in the culinary field. Again, we meet a fascinating kitchen that manages to combine elements of African cuisines, Arabic, Italian and even Chinese and Japanese and is acclaimed for the extraordinary variety of ingredients and preparation techniques. So, you have to try antichucos - a kind of skewers, ceviche - marinated fish, pachamanca - meat cooked on hot stones and pisco - a distilled beverage made from grapes. Peru was named by the World Travel Awards as the best culinary destination twice in a row in 2013 and 2014. So don’t forget to add this country in your top best culinary destinations!


The food has a very high standard in Denmark and is almost an obsession. For a great snack try the cheese: fried camembert served with toast and strawberry jam; handmadder (three smorrebrod thin sandwiches with various ingredients); hot dogs (pelsevogn); Danish sausage tomato (polse) with mustard and spices. Let's not forget the famous restaurant Noma, which is among the most famous and popular restaurants in the world.

Danish blue cheese (Danablu), has a pungent smell, and Rygeost a smoked cream cheese, spiced with cumin seeds, is extraordinary. The favorite desserts, crème-fraiche or whipped cream, certainly are oeblekage (baked apples with vanilla, served with alternating layers of biscuits) and bondepige med slar (a mixture of rye bread crumbs, baked apple, sugar and cream). That is why Denmark has an important place in the list of the best culinary destinations not to be missed.


Barcelona is a port city on the Mediterranean,and the fresh fish and seafood are always in Barcelona’s restaurants, being considered the most expensive products. You will find the best restaurants in Barceloneta area, not far from Port Vell. Here, I recommend the famous restaurant Can Majo and Barceloneta. The ideal solution for a delicious lunch in downtown is a stop at Boqueria Market, first mentioned in documents in 1217. The market is one of the attractions of the Ramblas, is an explosion of color and flavor. You can try tapas at Taller de Tapas on Rambla de Catalunya (there are a total of 4 restaurants in the same chain) and Tapa Tapa from Maremagnum, who has a beautiful view of the harbor. The most famous Catalan dessert is the Catalan cream (creme brulee). Try also Mel i mato (cow cheese with honey); postre de music, a delicious spicy fruit cake; and cocas (pastry sprinkled with sugar and pine seeds).

The Catalan cuisine is unique in Spain with her food dishes that mix fish and meat, such as the exotic amb mondoguilles sepia (squid with meatballs) and a combination of sauces, rabbit meat, shrimp and fish. Choose to accompany these delightful dishes with the excellent local wine varieties, Penedes and Cavas (sparkling wine). For a great view of the city and to convince you that Barcelona is one of the best culinary destinations, we recommend the restaurant Xalet de Montjuic.


The traditional Moroccan cuisine depends on spices for thousands of years, enjoying the Mediterranean, Arab and African influences. Traditional dishes are based on meat couscous, lamb, beef or mutton. Besides kebabs, Harira (soup based on traditional red) tagine (lamb or chicken cooked with vegetables and spices slow) or pastilla (pie with chicken or pigeon), embraces Fes restaurants and international cuisine.

Tajine - this preparation is so tasty and unique, including how it is cooked, and served at the table, that will definitely come into your memory. Tajine is a complex kind of food, cooking over low heat in a pot which gives the same name - tajine (clay). Usually, tajine is made of lamb or chicken with vegetables such as onions, eggplant, peas, and fruits such as apricots, peaches, pears, prunes and figs; the used spices are cinnamon, saffron and ginger; the secret is that all these ingredients do not mix, but are left to be done at low heat in the form in which they were placed. All of these delicious recipes sits Morocco on the map the best food destinations!


Besides the breathtaking scenery and contagious joy of the locals, Ireland is famous for its cuisine as simple as it is strange. The traditional black pudding sausage served at breakfast is a mixture of boiled wheat with meat and beef blood with various spices, Boxty - a kind of potato pancake, colcannon - cabbage and potato fry in butter, Dublin Lawyer - lobster cooked in whiskey and cream, or drisheen Codd - other meats, blaa - white bread. The kitchen includes dishes from salmon, trout, oysters and clams or excellent cheese. And of course, you cannot visit Ireland and not "taste" the traditional Irish whiskey, not as smoky as the Scottish, and not as sweet as the American one. And do not forget the famous Whiskey Irish Cream or Coffee, but also the famous Irish Guinness beer and cider.


In Thailand was invented, in fact, the street food. In Thailand you will be able to enjoy the best dishes of this kind. So you have to try crunchy noodle soups, papaya salads, shark fin, scorpions or ... white ant eggs! Yes, Thailand is the place of experiments, where food is not only art… is art and circus - all it’s amazing! You can enjoy more complicated traditional dishes in restaurants, such as Kaeng Phet Pet Yang - rate curry fried in red, Tom yam kung nam Khon - shrimp soup with coconut milk, yam pla duk fu - fried catfish with sweet and sour sauce and salad with mango. Whatever you choose, from any menu, in any Thai restaurant, you will have the most intense culinary experience and you will understand why many consider Thailand one of the best culinary destinations in the world.

CHINA - Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city where you will live interesting gastronomic experiences with a unique culinary culture. With over 11,000 restaurants, in Hong Kong you can hardly say that you cannot find something to your taste. The local cuisine is known as the Cantonese cuisine, which you can find it including in a restaurant where the most appreciated dish is the baked goose with plum sauce.

If you go to Hong Kong, taste dumplings with shrimp, lobster with hollandaise sauce or sweet bread with oyster sauce. In Hong Kong you will always find fresh fish and seafood, especially in Lei Yue Mun - a kind of "fishing village" - located in the suburbs, where all the shops only sell fresh fish and numerous restaurants cook it on the spot.

And for those who love "street food" Hong Kong is like a box of surprises which opens to hundreds of outdoor stalls which are on the streets, where reigns the bowls with noodles, spring rolls and consistent soups served hot. Hong Kong is one of the best culinary destinations in the world, this is due to the millions of tourists from around the world, who visit it annually, and return as soon as possible.


Few countries are as amazing as India, the country of contrasts, where exotic flavors and colors are so intense and delight all your senses. India’s spices comes from all the world, in all colors from the exotic pepper nutmeg, turmeric or saffron, cumin, ginger and cinnamon. In India you can find more than 30 cuisines with their specific, from Punjab to Rajasthan cuisine. Maharashtrian cuisine is the one you can enjoy in Mumbai: wheat, rice, vegetables, beans and fruits with the spicy seasoning. You must taste Puran poli, ukdiche Modak and batata wada, the traditional dishes with a blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Kokum is a berry with a sweet-salty flavor that you have to try. Anyway, wherever you eat in India, you can be sure you'll be invaded by the most amazing flavors and tastes. Here you will find amazing traditional Indian foods that will change your life.That is why India has an important place in the list of the best culinary destinations.

MEXICO Mexicans love food, especially the one that belongs to them. Make a visit to Mexico and you will quickly understand how important food for these people is. Ask where you can find the best carnitas (roast pork) or the best mole (a kind of chili sauce) in Oaxaca and you will see a long, passionate and well documented discussion. (However, if you ask what the best chef known is, the Mexicans will give the same answer: 'mi madre' - my mother).

Tacos, one of the main dishes, can be made from any kind of meat, fish or vegetables wrapped in a tortilla and serve with sauce, with onions as a garnish and parsley. Enchiladas is a group of three or four tortillas, lightly roasted, stuffed with chicken, cheese and eggs and covered with salsa; is usually served as a main dish. The ingredients that give flavor to the classic Mexican food are spices like cinnamon, cloves, cumin and herbs like thyme, oregano, coriander and epazote – is the main ingredient in the Mexican cuisine. This pungent plant can be used to give more flavors to bean dishes, soups, stews and certain 'moles' (sauces).

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