Bern, Switzerland. Visit. Eat. Enjoy.

by Abigail Alonso
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Bern is the capital of Switzerland and also the capital of the canton of Bern. The official language is German although there is a francophone minority.

Bern Station is one of the most important railway junctions in the country. After Zurich train station is the second station frequency with 14 main lines as regional trains and international EuroCity, Cisalpino, TGV, Talgo, ICE DB City Night Line und abgefertigt four S-Bahn lines. Here is the shortest funicular public in Europe, Marzilibahn, 106 meters long, which connects Bundeshaus (Parliament House) in the historic center of the city and district Marzili.

Bern is like a museum, the houses are decorated with flowers, many of which are painted on the windows and some small statues. The 11 historic fountains, made in the sixteenth century, adorn the streets and cool thirsty tourists. On Kramgasse there is a fountain that has a statue symbolizing justice and in Kornhausplatz on the top, has a statue of the devourer of children.

Swiss capital is famous for its Bear Hole. It is a mini-zoo which houses a family of brown bears: mother, father and two cubs. Tourists can stroll around along the hole, there are platforms, stairs, in conditions of maximum security.

Many places worth visiting and I would recommend the bear park Bärengraben, rose garden over the old town, clock tower, Einstein museum or Science museum. Marzili area has some interesting restaurants but the old town is full of it. Do not forget terraces behind where can parliament surprised at a beautiful panorama of the Alps.
Promenade near the cathedral and since we're at the cathedral and it obviously can visit and even climb up in her tower , the best observation point of the city.
Zoo is also interesting and worth seeing once in a lifetime , but also the Botanical Gardens .

What I liked were the desserts: Zuger Kirschtorte it’s a cake with butter cream and brandy cherries, marshmallows were invented in Swiss town of Meiringen +  warm Zabaglione cream made ​​with many eggs and wine, specific of the Italian region of Switzerland, Ticino. Also Kaseschnitte is bread and butter mixed with grated cheese, baked in a pot until the fat buttermilk and butter soaked bread and cheese becomes brown and Raclette is a piece of cheese soaked in a fire and "scrape" on a plate. It is mixed with baked potatoes in peel and served with pickles, and the well known Fondue… is a melted cheese mixed with white wine, garlic and a touch of kirsch.

In conclusion, Bern, in my opinion is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe. It is a unique blend of contemporary colors combined with extremely well-preserved medieval tones. A visit here is definitely a "must see"!


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Outside of town

Outside the town on the A6 motorway is the Zentrum Paul Klee center in June 2005, which includes around 4000 works of the painter Paul Klee.



Hotel Allegro Bern 4 stars

Amazing view!



The most oldest museum from Switzerland

Museum of Art



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