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The royal Bern with its historic center, so well-preserved, crossed by the Aare River from which you can admire the turquoise waters and the beauty of the buildings dating back to the Renaissance period. How could you not be astonished by a city where Albert Einstein himself lived and worked out the theory of relativity?! More interesting things about this formidable genius can be found in the museum that bears its name. On the ground floor you will find a contemporary café.

When you are in a city whose buildings from the 1400s are still kept in exceptional condition, you walk along the medieval streets and in the background you can see the snow-capped Alps, then you know you are in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. For me, so far, it is the most elegant and bohemian capital I have ever seen.

A charming panoramic view of Berne can be admired by climbing up the 250 steps up to the Munster Cathedral tower or taking a stroll along a steep but short road up to the Rosen Garden, the Rose Garden. A place where you can stroll around and see the three permanent residents of the park, two friendly bears, along with their cub Ursula, is the Bear Park, BärenPark.

It is well known around the world Switzerland's reputation for watch quality, so in Bern you have the chance to see the famous Zytglogge, one of the world's most animated watches, featuring bears and a bufon, attracting many people at every fixed hour.

Near Bern, you can choose a day trip to Thun and OberhofenCastle, Spiez, Interlaken and the beautiful Grindelwald, as well as the beautiful city of Luzern.

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