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From Naples we did about 260 km east from Bari, sea port and transit point for travelers like us who wanted to cross the Adriatic by ferry to Corfu (Kerkira). Bari is a cosmopolitan city with a tremendous historical center. The modern center is in Piazza della Liberta, but right behind it, passing the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is the old town, with narrow streets as a labyrinth of the new port and the old harbor, bounded by Via Venezia, with a panoramic view sea. Near Via Venezia is the Church of San Nicola, big and solid, which houses the remains of St. Nicholas, built at the Beginning of the Millennium. We stayed downtown at the Hotel Palace, right in the center, with large rooms, comfortable and tastefully breakfast, close to Citta Vecchia. The city has a very modern football stadium, inaugurated when it was the World Championship.

Don’t expect to have a plenty to visit: Basilica of Saint Nicholas - patron saint, gilded ceiling, hiding the famous Benedictine abbot cathedral Elia - Elijah us. Not far away, there is Palazzo del Catapano and the Church of St. Gregory, with Baroque Cathedral of Saint Sabin. The most famous shopping street is  Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Sparano. From international brands (H & M, Adidas, Zara, Goldpoint) to small local boutiques, all invite the renewal wardrobe. Via de Rossi is very ok for shopping, souvenirs, swimwear and everything you can need for vacation at very competitive prices. The best known beach areas are Torre Quetta and Pane & Pomodoro, located 10 minutes away from downtown, just perfect for relaxing days at sea.

The food is consistent and healthy, homemade pasta, cheese, vegetables, fish, seafood, olive oil. Do not forget the wine, which is excellent. Although we boasted that we wanted to Greece, I had to move on to Brindisi to take ferry. Bari it was another beautiful experience of our lives and for sure it is a summer destination but also a winter one, because of the mountain resorts in North.






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david mark
26 Jan 2014 15:39
Oh, and don't mind miss c but Bari is worth to see in pictures...and that's it.:P But thanks for adding some useful information, now I am fulfilled:) :):)
david mark
26 Jan 2014 15:38
Well Daria, if you ask me, I am in the same boat with Lolla ...why should I expose myself consciously??? I prefer doing some rafting...its quite thrilling then a trip where I must look out even for my butt:)))
Daria Lorian
26 Jan 2014 15:22
Lolla Lolla, kinda stuff happens in every country, more or less evolved. That does not mean we stop traveling just because there are situations that we can avoid or not.
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