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by david mark
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Usually I travel for business, so in my half of time I go out in different places and try to relax and visit a few important spots. But somehow some of my friend convinced me to have a short break, a couple of days in Thailand, Bangkok. I was pretty sceptical, the trip seemed to be very long, even with the plane, but eventually I accepted the challenge. So here we start the challenge:))) ...was me and my friend landing on the beautiful Thailand. Pretty girls with tiny leaves bras and bunches of flowers around the neck, delicious drinks and a hammock...uhh that’s my imagination:)))))

The truth is we stayed very long time to obtain the visas from Bangkok airport, and when I say very long, I mean...very, very long timeJ)) I thought I saw the entire ocean in front of my unsleeping face:)) after all that boring procedures, in my mind I was hoping to find something very soft, a pillow maybe:)))) ...but instead of that I say a very hectic city, too hectic!!!!T here are temples everywhere, food stalls filled with woks, as well as juices of mango, papaya and coconut.

After a good nap, in a nice and stylish hotel I decided to go in a cruise on the Chao Phraya River, which runs through the city. Do not expect to see a beautiful landscape, as I thought. The cruise takes you to the cities poor and poverty land ... is ... speechless. There are also sellers on boats, selling all kind of statuettes, handcrafts and so on. If you don’t love crowned places and noise you definitely must go, as I did, outside Bangkok! :))))) To the beach!

Hua Hin is about three hours from Bangkok and is easy to reach by car, train or bus. Central Hua Hin is highly developed, has hotels and a large chains of stores. Here we stayed at a wonderful 5 stars hotel with all you could wish for, massage, Jacuzzi, great food, high services and nice view.

Leaving behind the relaxing part let me tell you some attractive points of Bangkok, for the ones who really want to visit it and not to hang out on a cosy beach:))

So, the first one is: Wat Arun – this temple is regarded as the most famous and photographed temple in Bangkok. River Chao Phraya, where i had the amazing cruise:)), then we have Chinatown, is the oldest part of Bangkok and Khao San street where is full of bargains and a lot of tourists. One of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok hosts the famous statue of Buddha lying down is Wat Pho. It is the largest in Thailand measuring more than 45 meters. Muang Boran is an open space miniature town, where are all the important buildings in Bangkok. Not the last one, but the one I still remember:)))) is the house of the American Jim Thompson, the master of the silk industry, where are now many art objects.

I would be quite ironic to tell you that this journey in Bangkok was not what I expected. Clearly I was surprised to discover how crowded it is, although I knew it was a metropolis over populated but even like that, was interesting. For sure the moments I was enjoying for real, were in Hua Hin beach, were was everything so peaceful and relaxing. As we know...tastes are not discussed Cheers! :)


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