ARUBA - A Warm Winter in Aruba

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Aruba, a warm winter destination

Island coasts are marked by an outline of soft sand, white, bathed by crystalline waters, called the Turquoise Coast because of the great shades of turquoise. Aruba is an island of low altitude and arid land, situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 25 km north of the peninsula Paraguaná – Venezuela. Aruba offers a moderate temperature, 25 Celsius and is the perfect time for scuba diving, travelling on the sea or to stay and get a little tan. Palm Beach is one of the most cosmopolitan resorts in Aruba, is famous for its stunningly beautiful beaches with white sand, bright and crystal clear water.

Is ok to find out that:

Official languages ​​are Dutch and Papiamento.

The international airport is ‘’Reina Beatrix’’

Oranjestad, the capital is a small town but very nice, I did not took a lot of pictures because I do not had much time. At accommodation chapter I recommend Hyatt, Radisson, and chain as Divi resorts, Riu, and more, but right on the net and find exactly what you like

Main tourist area is along the west coast and southwest. Other places of note are Noord, Santa Cruz and Savaneta.

Arubans consider price haggling to be rude.

Aruba's nightlife is no comment, is more incredible, people are feeling free, happy, and loud. Local magazines like "Aruba Daily" chronicle the best nightlife for the evening you can pick them up in many hotel lobbies.

Palm Beaches, Eagle, Druif, Baby and Rogers are perfect places for swimming or simply to stroll and relax.

Palm Beach is located north of Oranjestad, Aruba's capital. Although the beaches are idyllic, tourists choose to spend their vacation in Oranjestad because stores have low prices. The main attraction of Oranjestad is the shopping malls and main streets where boutiques traditional items attract thousands of tourists every year.

The best way to get around Aruba is by bus

You should shop at the airport, at duty-free prices are better.

Try a cruise day, will be amazing so you will see all the beautiful spots

What to visit:

Aruba Ostrich Farm, Hadicurari Beach, Ayo and Casibari Rock Formation, Arikok National Park, Donkey Santuary Aruba.


A place filled with serenity, relaxation and warmth. A dreamily spot!


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