Antibes, the pictureque of French Riviera

by Jackie DM
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Antibes is a beautiful and picturesque town on the Cote d'Azur in France, where you can reach in about 20 minutes by train from Nice.

This small town is part of a different epoch, with narrow streets and shops as they once were, small, filled with all and the sellers are very friendly, smiling people, many bakeries, patisseries, whose showcases are full of culinary goodies which make you a big appetite!

Nice cafes, bistros, restaurants, homes beautifully arranged with colorful flowers, all kind of souvenir shops and an air so bohemian, seems to be enough for a wonderful vacation. But what if it’s more? What if, during your walk in this magical place, your steps guide you to a beautiful view, as it is the Mediterranean azure sea and its imposing fortress walls and snowy Alps in the background ... magic…

The main attraction of the city is the Picasso Museum, housed in a beautiful building of stone, called Grimaldi Castle, where it is said that Picasso lived for half a year, and where he made some of his works now exhibited in the museum.  After you visit the museum, you can stop at one of the chic restaurants that besides a delicious meal will give you a dreamily view.

If you want to tan a little bit, do not miss Juan-les-Pins, water is clear and you can admire the fishes that roam freely.

 For a beautiful experience, make a visit to Marineland Aquatic Park, one of the largest in Europe and most popular parks in the world. In the harbor, the yachts at exorbitant prices are lined up neatly, looking good in pictures and in reality, but otherwise I am are too passionate about the subject, I might have been if I would have afford a yacht ride on the beautiful  sea and especially if I knew how to swim in case anything happens.

For lovers of culture, quality music and entertainment, Antibes offers various festivals such as the Jazz Festival and many other activities extremely beloved because of their history and culture.

Antibes gave me the impression of a quiet city, away from the crowded cities found in the Côte d'Azur. Beyond that prices have seemed a bit friendlier than in Nice, for example, the city is designed to give you inner peace, to enjoy more sweets, which you find in every corner and the idea that you're protected and you find your equilibrium in a place totally distinguished! I recommend from the bottom of my heart spending some time here, to relax and enjoy a delightful place, such as Antibes.





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