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by Diana Tripelonia
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Antalya, in Turkey, offers visitors wonderful nights and richness of landscapes easily modeled by the sea shore. Antalya is a shopper's paradise, with bazaars, traditional markets and shops that lure you with various products and prices.

The main resort of the Mediterranean, is the city port of Antalya, which is an attractive spot, with shady boulevards lined with palm trees and an old square, the picturesque called Kaleici, which has narrow streets and houses near the old city walls.

The city symbol is Yivli Minare (grooved Minaret), built by Seljuks and decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles. Visit Hadrian's Gate, the Clock Tower Kalekapisi and the Republic Square, with the statue of Ataturk and admire the stunning panoramas of the Mediterranean coast and mountains Olympos. Going down the market, you will explore the narrow streets of historic Antalya (Kaleici), filled with houses and gardens from Ottoman era.

In Antalya there are held numerous events such as: "Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival" the biggest film festival in Turkey, "International Eurasia Film Festival" international film festival that takes place annually, "Mediterranean International Music Festival" in May October, lasts six days, and the "Flower Festival" in May.

The most important resorts of Antalya are Lara, Belek, Side, Alanya and Kemer.

Lara / Lara Kundu is situated about 12 km from the airport, is the longest sandy beach  in Turkey, and most areas are belonging to  hotels, entry into the water is quite steeply and here you have only hotels with restaurants beach and water, with no other recreational activities.

In Belek things are a little bit more different. Here are trees, parks and golf courses and an excellent beach and the most luxurious resorts of Antalya.

In Side there are the ruins of the old fortress, resorts with shops, bars, restaurants, terraces, a great sandy beach, but unfortunately in the water are some rocks….fact that is quite unpleasant.

Analya is one of my favourite places, even if it is a fairly large distance from the airport, at 2 hours distance, I like it because of its very good beaches, beautiful landscapes and especially because the resort seems quieter compared to other resorts crowded. At the west of the fortress at sea level is the Weeping Cave, with  a special spelunking value with curtain of stalactites and stalagmites dating back 20 000 years, having curative effects of the cave, especially its effects in respiratory problems.

Opposite the Analya, is the resort of Kemer, which offers spectacular mountain scenery, combined with large stones, the mountain in the sea, the green merges with the blue, hotels are beautiful and the water clarity is overwhelming. If you get in Kemer, take a boat from the port and go to the coast of Lycia, with crystal clear water, and then make a visit to Phaselis, a charming old place but most amazing place of the Lycian coast, where are the Roman and Byzantine ruins.

At the west of the fortress at sea level is the Weeping Cave, with  a special spelunking value with curtain of stalactites and stalagmites dating back 20 000 years, having curative effects of the cave, especially its effects in respiratory problems.

If you have your own car or rent one, I recommend the following

  • To visit the ancient city of Termessos, 30 km from Antalya, which is suspended above the sea, being among the best preserved ancient cities in Turkey, The scenery is fabulous!
  • Aspendos, which is today the Pamphylian city, located 50 kilometers from Antalya, dating back to the 5th century. Here you will admire the remains of the basilica and the ruins of the aqueduct which measures 10 meters in length, covering Anatolia, along the city Aspendos.


  • In Antalya you could do diving, sailing, paragliding, mountain climbing, sailing raft, and if you are going in May, in the afternoon you can ski at Saklikent (the Bakirtepe) and go to the TUBITAK observatory to watch the sky.
  • If you like to drive and do not get tired quickly, I recommend you the route rather long and tiring but extremely beautiful and exciting: Belek - Antalya - Kemer - Kumluca - Finike - Demre & Myra - Kekova Island & city Simena. The road is fabulous, with mountains and serpentines on the Mediterranean coast.
  • A boat ride around the island of Kekova, where is Simena fortress. The panorama is exceptional, considering that the fortress villages has no street, just steps.
  • Take the cable car on Mount Olympos

Yummy food in Antalya

  • A Turkish breakfast consists of: cheese, honey, jam, (Antalya is famous for its jams), black and green olives, salami, eggs, butter, tomato and cucumber, bread.
  • At lunch it serves meatballs, pitta, lahmacun (known as Turkish pizza) and ayran (a drinking obtained from a mixture of yoghurt, water and salt) and well-known kebab.
  • Turkish Dinner begins with snacks: dolma (a kind of cabbage rolls, stuffed with vegetables), ezme (a dish of chopped tomatoes, onions, parsley, olive oil, lemon and spices), Haydar (a mixture of sheep's cheese, yogurt, parsley, garlic and spices - served with Turkish flat bread), hummus (a paste of olive oil, lemon, salt, chickpeas - served with toast), cacik (yogurt and cucumber sauce).
  • Some of the most famous desserts are baklava, cataif, Sutlac (rice pudding), tavuk gogsu (desert chicken, rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon), bulb Yuvası (dessert with pistachio). Try ice cream, it’s so creamy and absolutely delicious!
  • The most famous alcoholic beverage is called raki, and is the national drink of Turkey. Also tea is famous in Turkey and coffee.
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Posted Feb 13, 2015

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