10 European Cities Famous For Cheap Shopping

by Akshay Koranne
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When you think of Europe, you think of expensive cities where you have to shell out a lot of money for staying, eating and shopping. However, this is not true. There are many European cities that are absolutely light on the pocket, especially for shopping. From the latest trendy wear to classic fashion, you can find it all here, and that too reasonably priced. Here are the cities where you can indulge in shopping without having to worry about prices.

Sofia, Bulgaria

This beautiful city has a wonderful history with many influences. But one of the main attractions here is the cheap shopping opportunities. There are many malls and stores all around the city where you can buy from trendy clothes to designer wear. You can also buy souvenirs, books, wines, etc. at really reasonable prices. What’s more is that staying in the city is also quite affordable. So, plan a long vacation, and enjoy the best of Sofia along with shopping.

Krakow, Poland

This city is fast gaining popularity for being a superb European holiday destination. History buffs will have a great time soaking in the culture, but shopaholics are guaranteed to have a better time. Krakow has some wonderful shopping avenues that will tempt you to go on a shopping spree. There are many malls all over the city, but there are also many markets, antique shops, vintage clothing stores, second hand clothes stores, tailors, shoemakers, etc. These are great places for shopping on a light budget, making Krakow a bargain shopping paradise.

Istanbul, Turkey

The great advantage of Turkey is that you get to experience both European and Asian cultures. Plus, these two combine to give shoppers a great experience. Turkey is where you will find European fashion forwardness mixed with Asia bargaining opportunities. Head to the markets and bazaars for bargain shopping. You can find souvenirs, classic turkish carpets, gift shops, and many other unique stuff. And of course, good, affordable, fashionable clothes can be found all over town.

Moscow, Russia

Not many know this, but Moscow is quite the fashion capital. In fact, the fashion scene here can rival big names like Paris and Milan. However, Moscow cannot rival them regarding prices. Yes, this fashionable city is quite affordable. If you look around, and study up on the city, you will find some amazing stores and malls where you can shop for anything under the sun, and not end up emptying your pocket. Head to the Russian capital for a great shopping experience.

Provence, France

We are all so ingrained in the mall culture, but Provence has a different take on shopping. Marketplace is the best place to shop for anything and everything. Shopping here is part of the culture. The market places here have a soul, and are great places to interact with fellow tourists and the local shopkeepers. You are guaranteed to find exceptional bargains on the best products. You will be returning from this city with huge shopping bags full of goodies.

Athens, Greece

The Greek capital is great place to holiday. Awesome food, fabulous weather, affordable hotel stays, rocking nightlife, and cheap shopping. It has everything you’d want in a holiday destination. Downtown Athens is a shopper’s heaven. You will find shops that cater to all budgets and tourist shops that offer great bargains. When you are in Athens, leave aside some special time just for shopping. You are going to need all the time you can have.

Madrid, Spain

If you know all the right places to shop, Madrid is possibly the best place to shop in Spain. You can find many stores in the downtown area that are open till late into the night. They cater to all budgets, and you will find a healthy mix of international labels and local creations. Madrid is also a great place to buy accessories. You can spend hours shopping here, and of course, then you gorge on some delicious Spanish food. You are guaranteed to have a great trip here. So, if you are visiting Spain, a shopping trip in Madrid is a must-have for some indulgent shopping.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a gorgeous city that sees tourists in the millions each year. And one place where most tourists and locals stop to shop is Fashion Outlet Parndorf. So, why is this place popular? Because, you will find discounts of up to 70% on all products. This place houses all the best international brands, and discounts are available throughout the year. Most tourist busses also stop here, and people from neighbouring countries also prefer shopping at Parndorf. This place is the best place to shop in Vienna, so, make sure it is on your itinerary when you visit Europe.

Brussels, Belgium

Other than the awesome food, Brussels is also famous for street shopping. The city has many famous streets that house stores that sell everything from designer clothes to daily wear fashionable clothes. What makes shopping here cheap is the variety, There are many streets full of shops, stores and boutiques, and you can find something you like right in your budget.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Like all modern cities, Edinburgh has the usual high-end stores and huge malls that the have a wide variety of goods. The city is just great for a shopping excursion mixed with sightseeing. You can roam around Edinburgh checking out the amazing sights, along with checking out the many stores and boutiques spread about the city. There are also many old stores where you will find unusual stuff. Visit Edinburgh for a wonderful shopping experience.

Europe is full of fashion forward destinations, and many people love to shop in the above mentioned cities. You are guaranteed to find what you love, and that too at a price you are comfortable with. So, get you shopping bags ready and head to these amazing, cheap European shopping destinations.

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Akshay Koranne is a travel blogger working in the Dubai based Edubai Shopping Festival.Com company. He likes posting about travel destinations and shopping. Apart from blogging he likes playing cricket and chess.

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