delia ema
29 Dec 2013 16:29
Cezar, I am agree tot you in some points of view but I must say, regarding to accomodation...I've been in 2012 and life in Boracay is not expensive at all. You can find accommodation with 100-150 euros per month room in the Bulabog Beach, if you stay mote than a month and u are not only for a couple of days and 10-15 euro per day are sufficient for food, for who is not very demanding. Boracay can be expensive if we refer to the flight...750-800 euros...but the real economy is by purchasing the tickets in advance, because the last minute rate can reach 1800-2000 euros. Once there, cheap accommodation is without difficulty, if you also reserve your hotel from booking or other specialized sites.
cezar m
29 Dec 2013 16:22
I was in Boracay in January-March 2013, the atmosphere is much changed from last years ...I mean prices were all higher than last year and retailers are trying to flash continuously...winf could be a real problem but worth it. The locals are wonderful people, common sense, helpful, flexible and open to tourists, its a chill out atmosphere!