Top Things to do in Maribor Slovenia

Welcome to the city with the oldest vines in the world! This is Maribor, capital of Styria region, a medieval city apparently simple, the second largest in Slovenia, yet loaded with interesting sights, stories, relaxation areas, green spaces and cheerful people.

Rumors wander through the world, saying that in Maribor there is no season in which to say the weather's not on your side. And it is more than true! If you visit Maribor in midwinter you’ll enjoy tremendous ski slopes, during spring hopefully you’ll get right in the middle of Kurent Carnival, in nearby Ptuj, when the streets are full of mythological characters. When summer comes, the music and live performances resounds on the riverbanks of Lent River (it’s the Lent Festival, in the last week of June), and when autumn falls all the surrounding vineyards celebrate their harvest, so you’ll get some fantastic landscapes and parties too!

Thinking about our recent visit to this fascinating city of wines, I decided to share with you some of the top things to do in Maribor. And here they come!

The Old Vine, Slovenia’s whole pride - is located in the city center, with over 400 years of history behind, boasts the record in Guinness Book, being the oldest vine in the world! The Old Vine still grows right in front of the Old Vine House. It’s the only plant with its own museum. At Old Vine House you can pamper yourself with the finest selection of Styrian wines and unique gifts just good to take as a souvenir or for your loved ones.

Vinag wine cellar, below the Trg svobode square, right downtown, is among the few authentic wine cellars which still exist. With an area of 20,000 m2 and 2.5 km of tunnels in which are lined up wooden oak barrels, Vinag is the oldest and largest wine cellar in Europe. The journey in this small town that is actually a wine cellar, gives you a beautiful experience, where you will enjoy the flavors of wines, strong odor and the wine archives, where are kept thousands of wines of extraordinary quality.

The Franciscan Church reigns in its entire splendor the crossroads of Partizanska cesta and Svetozarevska ulica streets. Also called the ‘Reddish’ Franciscan Church, paved with red brick with twin towers and elements of gothic architecture, it’s among the most photographed sights in Maribor.

Maribor Parish - Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral which has a belvedere point, right in his belfry, where you can see Maribor nicer than anywhere.

Glavni Trg square is the largest and animated neighborhood in Maribor. The ideal place for a coffee at one of the terraces or do a little shopping. In Glavni Trg square are concentrated almost all major tourist attractions such as Plague Column, Town Hall, Aloysius Church or Koper restaurant – the place where was the first brewery in Maribor.

Maribor City Park is the place where you can relax after a day of wandering the city. Full of greenery, flowers and opportunities for fun, the park will definitely enchant you.

One of the most beautiful experiences for the wine lovers is a journey in Upper Slovenske and Podpohorska – The Wine Route - some charming areas of plains and hills with green panoramas and many wine cellar. You can taste both wines and traditional local products at one of the various picturesque inns and pubs. For a typical gastronomic Slovenian delight you can try the famous ‘sauerkraut’ - a generous portion of pickled cabbage, and a delicious ‘gibanica’ – cheesecake.

If you really want something different from the standard tourist attractions, I recommend you get on top of Pyramid Hill. It has around 386 m high, located northeast of the City Park, is the place where it was the Maribor Castle, after which it was demolished. Here, after the ultimate discoveries you will see the bases of the castle and also a tiny chapel. Above all, it’s the gorgeous panoramic journey to the top of Pyramid Hill, sprinkled with wonderful vineyards, offering stunningly beautiful panoramic belvederes over the entire Maribor.


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