What a trip...Manhattan

by Daria Lorian
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After a non-stop flight over nine hours with U.S. Company Delta, we got into the Kennedy airport, in the evening we arrived and we were kind of overwhelmed by its size. I tried some coffee, hopping that I will not fall completely into a deep sleep, but I was wrong because American coffee is equal to water...hahahaha...not strong enough for me...:) ...Okay... and I  got right into the heart of Manhattan, which gives you the sensation that is a big heart that pulsates rhythmically tens of thousands of people. I must say that Americans are very polite and willing to help you handle any problem or misunderstood.  Besides in Manhattan you cannot lose because of the perpendicular streets....so it’s kind of myth...when they say if u’re going to America you practically got lost into it. The subway is scary in the sense that it's impossible not to get lost, imagine a line across another line and no having escalators ... so buses remain the base, is more cheaply and practically. It is recommended to take your city's museum pass that within a week u have insured and priority entry to six objectives: museums Metropolitan, Guggenheim, MOMA, and Natural History at the extraordinary and unique planetarium, an island cruise and tour visit the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. So it’s a great deal! On the streets are a lot of African-Americans, Puerto Ricans and Chinese, and Europeans... and everywhere the large amount of flour and sweets seem like coming over you, that’s explains why obesity is a national disease in America. If you're not claustrophobic and not suffering from any phobia, it's okay to come here, if not, you better choose an airy city :) .

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For souvenirs and low prices

For souvenirs Chinatown offers low prices, Grand Slam on Times Square has a huge selection (www.grandslamnewyork.com), and the Empire State Building Gift Shop offers superior quality and exclusive items.



Try magnoliabakery.com, it's an incredible bakery!


For the best hotel room with a Times Square view check in to the Doubletree Guest Suites Times Square NYC on 7th Avenue.



Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (better known as MoMA).



Olympic Diner (49th Street on 8th Avenue)


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