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Poland is the land of the famous Chopin, especially Warsaw, where is hosted every five years the festival ‘’Piano Competition’’ named after Frederic Chopin. It’s a city that attracts millions of tourists for its culture, music, art and architecture. Warsaw is a city of music and Chopin areas. A part of his life you can find by visiting Czapski Palace, the place where the composer lived for a while, and the Holy Cross Church where his heart is. Warsaw is the city where the first woman win the Nobel Prize for chemistry and physics, Marie Curie and you can go to visit the house where he was born.




  • Old Town - fully rebuilt after the Second World War starts - is quiet and picturesque, with narrow streets, cobbled houses with colorful facades and arched entrances with courtyards
  • Castle Square, Merchants Square with Renaissance buildings
  • Chopin Museum - completely renovated, celebrating two hundred years of the composer's birth, the museum invites you to a journey into the life of Chopin
  • Royal Way - derives its name from the fact that starts from the Royal Castle and go to the Royal Residence of the Wilanow
  • Royal Residence of The Wilanow - one of the few buildings that survived the war, it is a kind of ‘’Versailles’’of Poland
  • Nowy Swiat Street - where old meets new, where are the best shops and restaurants and the oldest houses in town
  • Lazienki Palace, located in the park of the same name
  • Warsaw Uprising Monument - located in Krasinski Square, where is a piece of the wall built by the Nazis
  • Palace of Culture and Science - the platform on the 30th floor offers a panoramic view of the entire city
  • National Library - one of the most modern and interesting buildings with a unique design
  • Sigismund Column - is one of the most famous Warsaw monuments and among the oldest in Europe


              Insider tips


  • The lowest prices are in the east of the river, in districts Wawer and Biototeka and the biggest prices are in center and in Mokotov.


  • A cruise on the Vistula River


  • Try Polish vodka, the famous lemon beer, Pierogis - delicious dumplings served hot and buttered, ernik (cheese pie), szarlotka (apple tart) makowiec (cake filled with poppy) or eklerka (eclairs)


  • Try Polish cabbage rolls made ​​of fresh cabbage - generally accompanied by sauces instead of cream, the most popular being the mushroom,


  • Shopping at Tarasy Złote Mall (means Gold Terraces) – here are a plenty of shops and this must see building won numerous awards and appeared in the show Great Designs on the Discovery Chanel


  • Take pictures with the symbol of Warsaw: The Mermaid


  • To see the communist canteens: Bar Mleczny, means Milk Bars - they offer soups and main dishes and are frequented by students, tourists or homeless


  • Buy Matryoshka dolls, amber or a mermaid symbol




In Poland, Warsaw, it is the first hotel that raises bees. The Hyatt Regency http://warsaw.regency.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html  hotel aims to combine utility with saving this species endangered insects. The desserts offered in the restaurant's menu are made ​​from honey produced here by the resident bees, and also the honey is use in spa treatments.


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http://www.inyourpocket.com/data/download/warsaw-instant-guide.pdf - city map

http://www.ztm.waw.pl/?c=126&l=2 - public transportation map



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