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by Merzan Abigail
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Veliko Tarnovo is a city in Bulgaria, being a destination for several hours, you can walk the narrow streets, you can buy souvenirs, you can eat the best pizza ever or you can simply photograph the little lovely town located on the hills. The town is old, very clean, downhill streets, with souvenir shops and restaurants. On the main street there are restaurants where you can admire the city panorama. The city preserves many of the old centers, whose main constructive characteristics are the same as in the medieval period. Do not expect to find something extraordinarily beautiful that could take your breath away but if you love any type of trip and appreciate the little things, you will definitely find a joy in this tiny town.

In Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo is a symbol of the nation, was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, founded in 1187 by brothers Assen.

Samodovska Charshia (called these days Rakovsky Lane),  is a street with small handicraft workshops, shops, bakeries, cafes, a place where you can serve different specific products, Turkish coffee in sand, baklava, Turkish halva etc. In the past on this street there were many inns, of which was kept one named: Hadji Nikoli Inn, with a luxury restaurant, a beautiful summer garden and a museum of art.

The main attraction of the old town is Tsarevets hill where the fortress was reconstructed when Veliko Tarnovo was the capital called Tarnovgrad and Bulgarian Empire. Here is found the Bulgarian kings palace, of which there are still some ruins, especially throne room. Here is the residence of the Bulgarian Patriarchate currently cornerstone of patriarchal assembly consisting of the Patriarchal Cathedral "Holy Ascension of the Lord". Tsarevets is a collection of stones that give the feeling of "reconstructed", church has strange paintings inside and in March they had music and nocturne lights show. Rakovsky Lane is a street where there are antique shops, workshops where craftsmen paint, sculpt or make jewelry.

Church of the 40 Martyrs it was built by order of Tsar Ivan Assen II, in honor of the victory of Klokotnitsa in March 1230. Was largely demolished but this was the place where Bulgaria was declared independent.

Visit the Museum of the Bulgarian Revival, the House with monkeys - traditional house built, which is the emblem of the city, Mother Bulgaria monument, both located on the main street.

In the surroundings of Veliko Tarnovo, is worth visiting in Arbanassi - the Church of the Nativity,  Nicopolis ad Istrum, Ivanovo with its rock churches carved, the Citadel Cherven and the Hotnitsa waterfall.

Attractions travelers recommend
Wear comfortable shoes

Be aware that the street from the churches below the Tsaravets fortress is extremely steep and very tiring since it's quite long.



Try a pizza

Pizza is awesome!



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