The impetuous and iconic Dubai

by Robert Albu
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I visited Dubai in October last year. I had many expectations before leaving, hoping to find in the city state a blend of modernism with ancient oriental world. I went with Fly Emirates from Istanbul, about 400 Euro, then I heard about a cheaper option with Pegasus Air, also from Istanbul. Dubai greatness greet you at the airport ( Dubai International Airport ). Basically you land in the largest airport in the world.

It is quite strange, because as soon as you arrive at the airport, bus transports you to control passports, do about 30 minutes. So, pretty much, but worthwhile because Dubai is immeasurable fascination.

From the airport to the center reached by taxi in about 10 minutes or by bus (between 6.00 AM and 10.00 PM). Bus stops are opposite of each terminal. Hotels in Dubai have most 4 and 5 star and price around 100/150 USD / night.

I visited the Burj Khalifa (828 mentri height). Attention, elevators are very fast and if you have the slightest health problem, it is best to avoid.

From above, the view consists of beautifully lit highways and skyscrapers.I did not missed the music and lights show from the musical fountain near Dubai Mall, similar to that of Barcelona.In short, Dubai is a destination not to be missed.

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Did you know?

The national currency is dirham , 1 AED = $ 0.27. Most useful transport is by taxi.It is very cheap because of the low price of oil.Metro also has good connections.



Places to visit in Dubai

The main attractions that I visited: Dubai Museum, near Dubai Creek (water channel crossed by boat-taxi. Jumeirah Mosque, a symbol of the city and an important place of prayer. Many mosques where the faithful are praying for five times a day. Muezzin is called through a speaker. Near Dubai Creek channel I visited gold, clothes and spices bazzars. For shopping there is the biggest mall in the world with 1, 1,000,000 square, Dubai Mall. Are also smaller where you can find even a ski slope. Dubai is famous for gold, traditional objects and oriental scents.



Not so impressing food

Regarding the food, I was not particularly impressed. Indian and Pakistani cuisine predominates, but also find many chinese restaurants.Of course, there are restaurants very expensive, but I have not affort it.



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