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Taormina is called the pearl of the Mediterranean and is one of the most beautiful cities on the entire island of Sicily, situated on Mount Tauro, in Taormina . To get there you must first go in Catania, take the airplane, ticket is inexpensive, about 60 euros round trip, lasting only 1 hour and a bit. From the airport you have a bus that leaves you for 5 euro directly in Taormina… is preferable to take one round trip, is cheaper.

The climate is temperate, which means that the landscape is dotted with palm trees, lemon and lush subtropical vegetation. Flowers adorn the windows and balconies of medieval houses.

Taormina is a very old city with architecture of Italian cities, and the many influences of other nations. You will discover a hill a Greek theater still operating, where you can see a play in the same conditions as they did two thousand city dwellers years. Every year during the summer, this festival takes place - "Taormina Art" - which includes film screenings, theater, ballet and symphonic concerts.

The road by bus is fascinating ... in your right side you will see are orange, olive and palm trees and on the left you can see the Etna volcano ... the road is very narrowed… fits only a car ... gorgeous beach of Taormina Mazzaro is below. To get there you have to use the cable car (funivia) coming down the mountain in just two minutes….then u will see the Mazzaro beach , which is covered with rocks, sand is almost nonexistent, but the sea water is very clear, azure blue .... The main pedestrian street is Corso Umberto : clothes shops , art galleries, shops as souvenirs, cafes and pizza restaurants . Try cannolo (pastry filled with ricotta cream and candied cherries) or borderline (a semi-frozen dessert ice based fruit and local) are absolutely delicious especially on a warm day of summer.

Taormina is full of tourists, locals noise, light and color. It smells great here, thanks to the ubiquitous oleander. On the main street unending see company stores and family stores, many ice cream parlors and restaurants.

Some of the attractions: Corvaja Palace, a medieval building dating from the tenth century was built by the Arabs who at that time ruled the city, the Duomo, dating from the thirteenth century AD, the baroque fountain,  Church of San Domenico, St. George Anglican Church. Also ideal for visit are Isola Bella, an island near Taormina city and known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea.

The symbol of Sicily is a little man with three legs called Trinakia. In sec. VII-VIII BCE Greeks discovered a new island, which had three headlands and therefore called it Trinakria, meaning "land of three feet." The symbol represents the land but also the head of Medusa, the Greek mythological character, with snakes instead of hair and three ears of wheat.

As you enter here the resort greets you with a beautiful landscape with a rocky shore and narrow rocky beach, a crystal clear blue water and nature reserve island of Bella. The funicular is a combination of ancient, medieval and modern. You encounter narrow streets, typical Sicilian with balconies full of flowers but with more clothes stretched, like in the movies. It is a great pleasure to walk along the side street tourist artery, as it is also the park of the city, clean and very beautiful. I recommend to spend a couple of days here and if you want to save some money, accommodate in Catania. Prices are more ok. Catania has a lot of tourist attractions too, such as Duomo, Teatro Massimo Bellini and the obelisk supported on an elephant made ​​of black volcanic rock - Fontana dell'Elefante or  Castello Ursino , Biscari Palace, or the fish market. Everything here it’s a nice place. 

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